Michael Michalsky designs for ‘real’ people

The German fashion star heads up his label Michalsky and is also the creative director of handbag company MCM.

He has explained who he thinks of when he is coming up with fresh creations.

“My mantra is ‘real clothes for real people’. I am an advocate for democracy in fashion,” he told German website gofeminin.de. The Michalsky man is much more athletic than the Michalsky woman. Of course there are some athletic elements for Michalsky women but basically they’re more sexy and elegant.”

Michael tends to design dressier items for women as he thinks they like getting glammed up, while men prefer to look casual.

His latest line is a fusion of natural tones and bright, sparkling pieces. Michael enjoys creating different looks because he knows everyone has their own style. His eye for fashion also goes down well with the designer’s friends.

“I am a coveted shopping advisor in my clique. And I like to go shopping by myself – just to look what’s on the market,” he said.