Olympic-Sized Season Roundup

Maison Martin Margiela Crystal Embroidered Masks

Vogue and Sperry Top Sider, an unlikely partnership one would think were they not acquainted with Sperry’s recent modern image overhaul. Not just a boat shoe brand any longer, the company has kept its design studios busy with newly reworked offerings like chic wedges, embellished sandals and high-heels. To have a first-hand glance, a few select fashion bloggers (myself included) gathered at Vogue and were asked to style the latest lineup of Sperry women’s shoes with racks from the Almighty Vogue closet.

To make things more interesting, the Sperry team asked that we coordinate our looks according to four given themes: ‘Tea Time’, ‘Tour Around Town’, ‘Wimbledon Whites’ and ‘Olympic Games’. It seems the Sperry team has been bit by the London Games bug just like everyone else, and with Resort season having just wrapped, we know Vogue is hip to the athletic undercurrent to last month’s collections. It was a fun and interactive two hours and to keep it the feeling going for a bit longer, it felt like an Olympic-sized season round-up was in order.

To cover “The Medalists”, it only felt apropos to revisit the haute couture collections for stunning looks in gold, silver or bronze (or rose gold – fashion’s new ‘bronze’). Satu and Celeste Greenberg would attest to that. The sister duo behind Tuleste Market have made a business out of the eternal spring of that holy triumvirate of gold, silver and rose gold. I thought of them immediately when it came to deciphering what kinds of baubles festive ladies the world wide would want to don during the London Games. (Make sure to check out some of their latest pieces at shopbop.com/tuleste-market).

Picking up from where the Vogue and Sperry event left off, ‘Tea Time’ had me thinking about feminine propriety, which luckily meant ‘prim’ as opposed to ‘stuffy’ this past Resort 2013 season (nothing dowdy about Marc Jacobs’ upholstery prints and boisterous colors), while ‘Tour Around Town’ (ideally London-town) begged for a look at Proenza Schouler’s new line of denim wares. White suits are having quite the moment right now, so you’ll see a fair share in ‘Wimbledon Whites’ (And shame that Phoebe Philo of Celine wasn’t in charge of the American Olympic team’s uniform [We know that wouldn’t make sense anyway] given the gorgeousness that are her new white sheer organza silk trousers). ‘Olympic Games’ is more of an all-encompassing thought, and the theme brought to mind everything from Tomas Maier’s track suits at Bottega Veneta to the Greecian goddess dresses at Viktor & Rolf.

Now dive in and get your Olympics fashion fix – there’s a little something for everybody.

Tea Time

Tour Around Town

Wimbledon Whites

Olympic Games

The Medalists Gold

The Medalists Silver

The Medalists Bronze

The Medalists