Roberto Cavalli Teaches How To Make His Favorite Cocktail

The Italian fashion designer is known for being flamboyant and has many lifestyle items as part of his brand.

One of his ranges includes Cavalli Vodka and to help promote it the designer has released a video tutorial to help fans make his favorite cocktail.

Roberto is seen mixing generous measures of the spirit with triple sec, lemon and sugar – but it’s not the ingredients which have got tongues wagging.

It’s thought the film was shot in the designer’s kitchen. While he mixes the drink on a simple wooden bench, just to his left a macaw parrot is seen perching on a transparent chair. The bird doesn’t seem that interested in the drink and is seen gazing away from Roberto.

Also of note is the myriad fruit and vegetables lavished around the room. Limes, huge salad leaves, oranges and lemons can all be seen behind the star.

Roberto expects everyone to love his drink. “A fantastic cocktail with my vodka. The cocktail is number one in my club in Milan, in Miami, in Dubai and I will teach you how to make my Cavalli cocktail,” he gushes. You can see the video here.