Roland Mouret says style isn’t just about labels

The fashion designer has taken part in a contest to find a super stylish dresser. Readers of a magazine sent in pictures of themselves in their favorite outfit, with Roland picking the best and presenting them with one of his dresses.

The designer opted for a woman who donned a party dress and old fashioned coat and advised other girls to take a leaf out of her book.

“Style is not about money and labels. Just look at this for a perfect example. The grandmother’s jacket is genius! That is pure glamor to me,” he gushed to the British edition of Grazia.

Roland explained what he thinks of when he’s designing. Although it’s always at the forefront of his mind to ensure women are comfortable in his dresses, he also wants to give them sex appeal.

“When I design a dress for a woman I also think of the man who is going to take it off her,” he laughed.