Rosie Huntington-Whiteley & The Ugly Side of the Fashion Industry.

The model appears on the cover of UK Elle magazine’s September issue where she opens up about her first experiences in the industry, which were far from glamorous. The 25-year-old found leaving her home in Britain in order to pursue a modeling career in America tough and describes the experience as soulless and isolating.

“I hated it to be honest,” Rosie said. “I wasn’t quite tall enough and there was no individuality, no opportunity to be individuals. I think that people forget you’re human and you just become an object.”

Even though Rosie now has big name contracts such as Burberry and Victoria’s Secret under her belt, she still remembers the feelings of insecurity from her time spent in New York. She found the whole experience particularly hard to understand as it made her feel she was not good enough.

“I grew up very unaware of my body and how I look; that wasn’t something anybody thought about,” Rosie revealed. “I was constantly reminded that I wasn’t right wherever I went and that was difficult because I’d come from a place where it didn’t matter.”