Stella McCartney on Olympic Uniforms

The fashion creative hinted that she found the task of creating 26 different styles of performance wear daunting in a diary she wrote about the London Olympic Opening Ceremony, which was held on Friday.

The sartorial expert added that her efforts couldn’t be compared to the amount of work that went into creating the wardrobe for last week’s visual extravaganza.

Stella also praised filmmaker Danny Boyle for his outstanding work as creative director of the Olympic opener.

“Just when I thought designing the uniforms for Team GB was hard, imagine what working on the wardrobe for this ceremony must have been like?!” she wrote for “I must admit, when Danny Boyle showed me the plans for this opening ceremony concept about a year ago, I had no idea how he would pull it off, but he did it brilliantly.”

Stella added that she was “so proud” to see her father perform at the ceremony.

The designer attended the event with her famous parent Sir Paul McCartney, who was honored with references to his band The Beatles and a solo performance during the London spectacle.

“My father’s band was honored during an homage to the sixties – Yellow Submarine! Sgt. Pepper’s! I am a proud daughter. The Olympic rings floated over my head, and then exploded into a light show. Suddenly it dawned on me that my dad was about to perform. I just looked over at him. ‘You’re going to be down there soon!’ I said. I was so proud,” she wrote.