Roland Mouret says creating his menswear line “made him more vain”

The designer had to put his line Mr on hold because of the impact it had on his ego. As his development of clothes for men is not a priority now, Roland has been busy working on his footwear debut as creative director of Robert Clergerie and creating on an exciting new handbag line.

“Menswear line Mr – it made me more vain,” Roland told the British edition of InStyle magazine.

Roland has more success with women’s clothing. The inventor of the now iconic figure hugging Galaxy dress is adored by an army of female fans. These include a celebrity following featuring Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge, Charlize Theron, January Jones and Victoria Beckham.

However, Roland is adamant that he isn’t obsessed with dressing famous clientele.

“I don’t sit around wondering which famous clotheshorse will wear me again – I do have a life,” Roland continued. “Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge has brought back the old-fashioned jet set with her style. Victoria is a phenomenon – one of the most photographed people in the world.”