Louis Vuitton Shuffle

Yves carcelle marc jacob and Jordi Constans stephane

Yves Carcelle, Marc Jacobs and CEO of Louis Vuitton Jordi Constans at the Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring/Summer 2013 Show, Paris. Photo Stéphane Feugère

Jordi Constans, the man who took over as CEO of Louis Vuitton just last month, stepped down as the headman due to health reasons. Keeping it in the family, Bulgari head honcho, Michael Burke, will take the reins at Louis Vuitton with no replacement announced just yet for his position at Bulgari.

Constans had been groomed to take over the role of CEO since last year when it was announced that Yves Carcelle would step down after 22 years at LVMH. Constans made the move to Louis Vuitton from Danone (yes, that’s Dannon for us Americans, as in Dannon yogurt) knowing he would be taking over as boss man.

Burke held the title of CEO at Bulgari for less than a year but has worked at LVMH previously as well as putting in time at Dior and Fendi.

While Constans health troubles are not life threatening, they do prevent from him from fulfilling his role as CEO. We wish him well and send over thoughts of “bon chance” to Burke as he starts his new job.

Official LVMH Press Release, http://www.lvmh.com/press/657.

“LVMH regrets to announce that Jordi Constans is leaving Louis Vuitton where he has been CEO.

This sudden departure is due to the discovery of a significant health issue which requires that Jordi Constans focus on this priority.

Bernard Arnault, Chairman and CEO of LVMH, said : “During his time with Louis Vuitton Jordi Constans has shown remarkable leadership which has earned him the respect of the entire team. He understood perfectly the opportunities for this iconic brand. On behalf of the entire group I wish Jordi a full recovery.”