New York Fashion Week, Photo Courtesy and (C) of Bloginity

New York Fashion Week, Photo Courtesy and (C) of Bloginity

“To write what is worth publishing, to find honest people to publish it, and get sensible people to read it, are the three great difficulties in being an author.” ― Charles Caleb Colton


An open, independent, unique and highly engaged online community of creative professionals dedicated to discovering and documenting the individuals who are shaping the cultural footprint of our generation., an online magazine which offers a unique mix of information: fashion resources, arts & culture, exclusive interviews with artists, models, photographers as well as bespoke stories written by some of today’s most influential creatives.

We are a young, vibrant company founded in 2008 built of a fresh and seasoned team of respected bloggers, reviewers, editors and industry scouts hailing from New York City to London and Paris. We bring independent perspectives and unique content to our ravenous readership every day. We care about fashion, not who’s wearing it. We share great, yet to be discovered artists and respected geniuses alike.

Bloginity is a representation of our culture and we celebrate the artists creating the culture that is shaping our generations footprints on fashion and history, whether those voices be leading brand names or independent influencers.

Bloginity’s influence in online media is furthered in part by our exclusive access to up and coming names in fashion, entertainment and arts.

Letter from Editor

It has been five years since I first premiered I followed my passion to innovate and met great individuals. It is clear to see how our direction and focus had shifted within the years from just discovering talents and documenting interesting, unique stories to now, creating new tools that provide solutions for many existing problems within the creative industry.

Bloginity was created with people in mind. Those who love to listen to music, admire arts and fashion but most of all, those who appreciate the people who make happen.

Thank you for listening,
Daniel Haim, @danielhaim.