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Visual Arts
Man-Tsun's Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong 5

Hong Kong based artist Man Tsun held a solo exhibition in his town showcasing his artwork which was presented in a unique way; his illustration were featured alongside to a “double-plastic” giving the drawings a more realistic feel.

Roman Ondák at the Temporary Stedelijk 1

Slovakian artist Roman Ondák’s project is a living infographic, a plotting of visitors’ heights whose mean will become increasingly apparent over the four months at the Temporary Stedelijk.

Faber Castell 3

We could go on and on about the Faber Castell Artist Pen’s precision and control, but we thought we’d just show you.

Powerful & Colorful Art from Simon Birch 6

Simon Birch is an impressive, self-thaught artist and it is a privilege to see how is art has progressed over the years.

Classic Hollywoo3D Paintings by Phyntasize 20

The idea was to combine the classic analog craft of painting with the contemporary technology and today’s hype of digital 3D film to create a new way of viewing and experiencing a painting.

A Showcase of Alexis Marcou 1

This is a showcase of illustrator and graphic designer Alexis Marcou. Graduated from Plymouth University, Since then has worked for companies in Greece and Cyprus and has been doing freelance work and worked for a wide range of clients from DACS to Nike.

Bold and Beautiful Paintings by Tos Kostermans 4

An hilarious series of paintings. It is al about life and it’s humor situations. The style is very realistic and the colors are very much alive.

Landcarpet - The Modern Area Rug, Inspired by Nature 1

Land Carpet is a modern area rug, inspired by nature and farmed landscapes. It shows the world from straight above, as we usually see it only out of the window of a plane.

"Now Is Happening Right Now" - 9

TOSAY.IT is a continuation and a large update of our past projects with public text posters. After it gained a big exposure and interest through the internet and publications.

The Unnatural History Museum by Hine Mizushima 2

Hine is bringing over some of her unique style to the game – The Unnatural History Museum which was featured at the Hanahou Gallery in New York.

Street Art by OakOak 6

“Some people become cops because they want to make the world a better place. Some people become vandals because they want to make the world a better looking place.”

Raphael Vicenzi's Illustration 1

A showcase of Raphael Vicenzi’s illustration work, a Belgian based illustration that focuses on a unique computer art skill.

Gus Morais Pixel Art Drawings 3

These drawings are not made with that traditional pixel-art style: Gus says he prefers to develop a more free, personal approach when drawing the figures and the scenarios – but always maintaining the isometric feel.

Maria Antonietta Mameli

At first glance, New York based Maria Antonietta Mameli’s photographs may look like part of a study on the lives of ants: the routines of small creatures are traced along their paths, wherever those may lead.

Micheal Tompert Smashing Apart Apple Technology 5

Graphic-designer and photographer Michael Tompert destroys brand new Apple products as a way of questioning societies relationship with technology.

Boston Commons by Lily Z. Miao

“The world today doesn’t make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?”

2008 - COSMOPOLITAN - Especial moda

Arturo Elena is one of Spain’s biggest kept secrets, an illustrator who has long been working away in his homeland producing the most beautifully traditional and intricate fashion drawings.

'State of Mine' A Self Portrait - Artwork Consisting of Approx 2300 of 1 inch Badges 2

The project is called “State of Mine” or a “Self-Portrait”. It attempts to visualize a sight of the artist at his own information contents, such as a variety of thoughts, interests, statement, key memories.

Papel Craft by Pablo Guzman 5

Pablo Guzman is a realistic painter. He involves both characters and architectural references in his pieces.

'Solitude' by Joe Fenton 11

Joe started to work on this image back in 2010. It is 8ft across & 5ft high. In these photos.

Process of Elimination by Chad Wys 11

If you’re looking for that mixture between fine art and modern art then you need to check this out.


MoMA is celebrating motion pictures all summer long, and we’re not talking about The Hangover: Part 2. Instead, MoMA visitors will find professionally curated film exhibitions housed in each of the museum’s three theaters. As with all MoMA exhibitions, the film features range widely in topic — from celebrating Ireland to the individual achievements of Kathryn Bigelow — but do not range in quality, as all are immensely impressive. Here’s a look at Bloginity’s favorite upcoming film exhibitions at MoMA.

David Sprigg's 3D Artwork - Painting on Layers of Glass 6

David Spriggs work focuses on 3D artwork, painting on layers of clear glass. The work revolves mainly around explosive imagery and distorted figures using colored pencil on tinted glass.

JKB Fletcher Manipulates Photography using Oil on Canvas. 3

The photograph tells in terms of color, shadow and distortion but there is a lot more to envision when you are painting a photorealistic piece, using oil on canvas.

Banksy and Bucket Men (Street Art) 6

Once in while you come across some cool street art which is observed by a walk perhaps a smile, perhaps a photo with your cellphone and a quick share on Twitter, maybe it’s a message, or maybe it’s The Bucket Men.