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Friday, October 9th 2015
by Daniel Haim

Brian Dettmer is a Chicago based artist. He manipulates the pages and shapes for his sculpture by folding, bending, and rolling as well as stacking multiple books together to create the shape of an original form.

by Brian Willett

Proving that people are suckers for anything with the “hot” star of the day, the audience for Charlie Sheen’s tour stop in Chicago cheered on the whiny, seemingly schizophrenic and disgraced television star, eventually giving him a standing ovation.

by Daniel Haim

Don’t you just love large spaces and a good privacy?. Ricardo Bofill took something completely out of the ordinary and turned it into the perfect place to make the ‘Bloginity headquarters’ so perhaps it’s time we move out. It’s not really a home though, it’s an office, a residence, an exhibition space and so much more.