There are a few options to choose from. To make sure everyone is on the same page – what are you looking to do?

If you are looking to submit content to Bloginity (whether you’re a photographer, an artist, or representing the artist) make sure it aligns with our content – otherwise you will not receive a response. For example, don’t bother submitting a Death Metal band or a Hardcore Emo band to our site because we will not reply. And don’t bother submitting a photo of Paris Hilton. But with all seriousness, the guidelines are quite simple:

Submitting work for Photographers

We do not want 3000px resolution images. Please make sure that images are at most 1000 px. Do not flood our emails. Kindly send us a single PDF that contains the entire set with image names aligned to it so we can choose which ones work for us. Please remember that if we just wrote about a Summer Beach shoot, we most likely won’t feature another similar work for quite some time, unless Mario Testino himself decides to come out with something. Due to the high volume of submissions and emails we receive every day, it’s quite hard to respond to all of you. If you do not hear from us for approximately a 1 month period after submitting your email, follow up and we’ll try to respond. If we do not, that means we are not interested in the project submitted. But please, do not take it personal. Remember, #1 rule in business = Emotions are bad. Continue to submit new work because it might be relevant to another editorial piece we are working on.

Submitting an artist (musician in particular)

We don’t care what other blogs covered the artist, or what Rolling Stone had to say about them. Many artists do not get the recognition they deserve. We embrace those who don’t and want to give them appropriate coverage. Although our focus is on US based talent for a US based readership, we have a soft spot for European artists and want to spread the word on their music. We do not post tour dates, unless you’re Rihanna herself and you leveraged us to do so. If you are submitting an artist to us for coverage, remember to make sure that the artist aligns with our music section. We do not cover Death Metal, Heavy Metal, Hardcore, Emo, Punk, or mainstream Pop music. We are interested in Folk, Rock, Indie and other artists. If you are submitting a story for review, make sure it hasn’t been submitted elsewhere, because you will not hear back from us.

Sending us PR News, Suggestions for blogs

We do not participate in publishing Press Releases, or any duplicated content. We are only keen to publish unique content that is written by individuals who are respected and influential on all mediums. That said, if you represent a fantastic PR company – firstly introduce yourself to the editor that you want to speak with. You’ll notice on the right sidebar (within all of our articles) who’s who. (e.g. Fashion Editor, Editor in Chief or Arts & Culture Editor). Their emails are listed there. Feel free to connect and say hello. We are people for people and we are very friendly.

Sending us PR News about an event that happened

We don’t care about an event that happened, you didn’t invite us.

Sending us Affiliate Program offers


Advertising with Bloginity.

For more information about our advertising packages please visit our online media kit site,

Thank you!

We appreciate your time, and thank you for reading our notes.  If you would like to contact me directly feel more than welcome to send me a personal email to daniel [at] bloginity [dot] com.