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George Clooney is set to star in and direct a new film, The Ides of March. The film, based on Beau Willimon’s play Farragut North, centers on a primary race for the Democratic presidential nominee.

Clooney will play Governor Morris, a candidate in the race. Ryan Gosling (Half Nelson), Marisa Tomei (The Wrestler), Philip Seymour Hoffman (Capote), Evan Rachel Wood (Across the Universe) and Paul Giamatti (Sideways) will round out the star-studded cast.


Director Judd Apatow has been lying low since his third directorial feature, Funny People, hit theaters last year. That is, he has been lying low until now. Universal Studios has announced that Apatow’s next film will be released on June 1, 2012.

Christopher Nolan, the director of the latest incarnation of Batman movies, has revealed that the next Batman film will be titled The Dark Knight Rises, and that the film will not feature the Riddler as the main villain. Looks like sales of Riddler costumes will likely plummet this Halloween. In addition, Nolan noted that The Dark Knight Rises would be refreshingly 3D free, a sign that Warner Bros. doesn’t want to follow the retro trend sweeping across Hollywood.

Top Gun is cited by some as the defining performance of Tom Cruise’s career, and is recognized by countless others as an extremely entertaining film. So it’s not surprise that upon the announcement that Top Gun 2 is in the works, searches for a Top Gun 2 trailer have skyrocketed. Although no Top Gun 2 trailer has appeared, there’s a reason for that – Top Gun 2 hasn’t even been written yet.

Have you heard about the time traveler caught on film? If you thought the iPhone was ahead of its time, then check out this apparent cell phone user in 1928. In the time traveler caught on film video below, you can see a devoted Charlie Chaplin fan pointing out a bizarre occurrence in the 1928 Chaplin film, The Circus – a woman that looks to be using a cell phone.

It’s been a bad couple of weeks for celebrities – the latest to pass is Lisa Blount, who is perhaps best known for her stirring portrayal of Lynette Pomeroy in An Officer and a Gentleman. Blount is believed to have died Monday, although her body was not found until Wednesday, as her husband was out of town. She was 53.

Megamind isn’t one of the many Pixar movies, but it looks a lot like it. This Paramount-produced film has the look, feel and humor of Pixar movies, which suggests that it could be a blockbuster, and might be a good sign that Paramount will be able to compete in this cash cow of a genre in the future.

One of the hottest new movies is Hereafter, starring Matt Damon and directed by Clint Eastwood. The film, which opens today, focuses on the different ways in which the concept of mortality can haunt people. Matt Damon stars as George, who has a bizarre, special connection to the afterlife and he eventually crosses paths with a French journalist rattled by a near-death experience and a little boy who is asking life’s biggest questions after a death.

Looking for a Hereafter movie review but don’t want to spend more time reading than you would watching the film? You’re in luck – check out the Hereafter review video below to get all the details in just three minutes! The consensus at Bloginity is that Hereafter is a solid movie and is worth the price of admission (especially if you grab some of those cookie dough bites as well).

Was Zach Galifianakis a fan of Oksana Grigorieva? Or just not a fan of Mel Gibson? You decide. Either way, it seems that star Zach Galifianakis may have been responsible for pulling the plug on Gibson’s appearance in the Hangover 2.

The new film I Spit On Your Grave is unrated, and that’s a good indication that if you are not completely desensitized to movie violence and overall mental horror, you probably shouldn’t see it.

In a day when even mildly entertaining movies are milked into franchises with multiple sequels, it seems rather odd that Zoolander has yet to spawn a sequel.

The Motion Picture Association of America is showing no love for Blue Valentine. The MPAA has given Blue Valentine the film industry’s equivalent to a death warrant: an NC-17 rating.

Hollywood stars are not just famous for the roles they play, but for the checks they make, and Tom Cruise is no exception.

Kristen Stewart is branching out and will appear in Welcome To The Rileys to capitalize on her name recognition while she’s still hot.

Zack Snyder will direct Warner Bros.’ reboot of Superman.

House star Olivia Wilde is joining the cast of an untitled thriller formerly known as Im.mortal.

Tony Curtis, an actor who made a name for himself as an on-screen heart-throb in the 1950s but developed into a well-respected actor, died Wednesday at his Las Vegas home. He was 85.

The trailer for the Coen brothers’ True Grit has finally hit the internet, and it looks as though that risk will yield big rewards (as in Oscars.)