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‘Kick Ass’ creator Mark Millar has revealed he would like to make a Charlie Sheen superhero movie. Mark revealed he’s already got an idea for such a film starring the ‘Two and a Half Men’ actor – who is currently on tour with his Violent Torpedo Of Truth: Defeat Is Not An Option show – and the mind boggles as to what superpowers he would possess. Mark told the UK’s BBC Radio One Newsbeat show: “I would love to do a superhero project with Charlie Sheen and I have something in mind.

Charlie Sheen has told how he wanted to go into a “barbecue coma”. The flame-grilled food fan and star of ‘Two and a Half Men’ dined out at Southern Hospitality in Hell’s Kitchen on Sunday (10.04.11) – which was also visited by James Lipton and Darryl Strawberry – following his ‘Violent Torpedo of Truth’ show at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

Mariah Carey has revealed her unborn twins take after her and Nick Cannon. The ‘We Belong Together’ crooner – who is pregnant with a boy and a girl – said the married couple can already tell the little ones have distinctive personalities. Really?

Tori Spelling has revealed she is pregnant. Breaking the news herself on her twitter page, as all the big stars seem to do nowadays, the ‘90210’ actress revealed she is expecting her third child with husband Dean McDermott.


Halle Berry has revealed she was an “idiot” when it came to love. The ‘Gothika’ actress – who is currently in a relationship with French actor Oliver Martinez – is perhaps being a little hard on herself, saying she’s “not the marrying kind”. It sounds like Olivier will be able to save a few bucks on an engagement ring as Halle – who was previously married to US baseball player David Justice and singer Eric Benet – thinks her life would’ve been better had she not got hitched in the past

Neve Campbell has revealed she believes in ghosts, and has even chatted with one. Perhaps the ‘Scream 4’ actress should have starred in ‘The Sixth Sense’ instead of the Scream films – which began in 1996 – as her life appears to resemble the Haley Joel Osment movies more. Neve revealed she used to live in a haunted house in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, with friends, and she would sometimes speak to a ghoul

Julianne Moore never wanted to be an actress. The flame-haired beauty – who has been nominated for an Oscar four times – did not intend to break into Hollywood and always thought she would be a doctor. She said: “I didn’t have any intention of being an actress.

Amanda Seyfried hopes her portrayal of ‘Red Riding Hood’ is “respected and welcomed”. The 25-year-old beauty plays the Grimm Brothers’ classic fairytale heroine in a new movie of the same name and she hopes audiences enjoy watching the film as much as she enjoyed making it.


Arctic Monkeys recorded their new album in California because they wanted to capture Nirvana’s drum sound. The ‘Cornerstone’ band wanted to recreate the towering percussion featured on the grunge band’s 1991 breakthrough record ‘Nevermind’, so they made their LP in the same studio, Sound City Studios in Van Nuys.

JLS have written 16 tracks for their third album. The ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ hitmakers are currently in Los Angeles working on a new record and say initial sessions have proved particularly fruitful.

Kanye West is to design a scarf range, based on his album images. The ‘Stronger’ rapper has been inspired by his 2010 album ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’, and why stop with scarves when there is a whole world of fashion out there waiting for Kanye’s magic touch. He is starting off small, as just 250 scarves will be made for Parisian company M/M based on five of the ‘Heartless’ singer’s designs

U2 are set to have the highest grossing tour ever. The ‘With or Without You’ rockers – who will return to North America in May – will surpass the Rolling Stones’ total of $558 million when they rock out at their gig in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Sunday (10.04.11). It is a remarkable feat, and Paul McGuinness, manager of the band – which features singer Bono, guitarist The Edge, bass player Adam Clayton and drummer Larry Mullen – said the group are very proud of the record, and rightly so.

Jay-Z and Beyonce celebrated their three-year anniversary in the Bahamas, and got a little more than they expected. It sounds like a normal enough vacation, but the couple also spent one evening with Verne Troyer – who stars as Mini-Me in the Austin Powers films – during their romantic break. A source said: “They bumped into Verne on a jaunt out one day

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We’re absolutely chillin’ in Los Angeles, thinking about the awful weather that’s been hunting us for the past 6 months in New York, we’re relaxing, meeting influential people and enjoying the moment.

Jada Pinkett Smith has said receiving death threats was a “learning experience”. Somewhat surprisingly, Jada formed a heavy metal band called Wicked Wisdom – which is currently on a break – but things turned nasty for the group when they signed up to Ozzy Osbourne’s musical festival one year. She told the Metro newspaper: “When I played metal music, I was mocked.

U2’s next album will be a “futuristic” one. Whether that means it will come in some sort of spaceship-shaped sleeve, who knows, but this is how lead singer Bono has described it to Lady Gaga producer RedOne, who worked on one of the ‘Vertigo’ group’s tracks for their forthcoming release. He told “Bono described the album as ‘futuristic’.

Penelope Cruz has revealed she is going to work with Woody Allen on a new film. The Spanish beauty – who starred in ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’, which was written and directed by Woody – was unfortunately not very keen on revealing many of the movie’s details. She told Entertainment Weekly: “I know what I’m doing next, but the thing is that I have to ask the director what I can say and what I cannot say.” Penelope – who gave birth to her first child in January – wouldn’t even let us know any details about the characters in the movie, but she could soon be eating pizzas and pasta in between scenes as Woody recently revealed his next film will be shot in Rome.

Tina Fey has revealed she is pregnant. Congratulations are in order for the ’30 Rock’ actress – who is married to ’30 Rock’ composer Jeff Richmond – as she revealed on a forthcoming episode of ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ that she is five months pregnant. But how will Tina cope with her new arrival?

Katrina Bowden has been named Sexiest Woman Alive, and rightly so. The beautiful ’30 Rock’ actress managed to see off competition from the likes of Kim Kardashian to win the Esquire magazine title after readers voted her number one on the Sexiest Woman Alive Madness poll. It comes as no surprise to me that she was crowned number one with a body like that, but Katrina seemed shocked to win the title

The ‘Black Hole’ remake is “definitely” not going to be a sequel to ‘Tron: Legacy’. Joseph Kosinski, director of ‘Tron: Legacy’ – which starred Jeff Bridges – has revealed he is currently working on ‘The Black Hole’ movie. He told “It’s definitely not a sequel

Mark Wahlberg is being lined up to produce a new film. Universal Pictures have bought the rights for the film and are believed to be keen for the ‘Max Payne’ actor to take the bait for the action-comedy motion picture.

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Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms slipped back into character for ‘Hangover II’. Todd Phillips, director of the sequel, has revealed how the actors knew exactly what they were doing, making it “so easy” to film.