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It saddens us to bring you the news that Rich Cronin, former singer of boy band LFO, died Wednesday due to complications from leukemia. News of Rich Cronin’s death was reported on Twitter by Lance Bass, of ‘NSYNC fame.

“Sad sad day that Rich Cronin died- was a amazing guy. : (” Lance Bass posted around 8 p.m. Wednesday.


If you thought Google was fast before, get ready for it to be faster. The mystery surrounding the Google logo and Google homepage changes has been solved – it all seems to have been a digital drumroll for Google’s new Google Instant. Google Instant is what the name implies: instant results, even before you’re done typing.
Auto-complete is now obsolete, as Google Instant is the next step in predictive search technology. The Google Instant search enhancement looks just like the standard Google search, until the search bar moves to the top of the page and your results begin cascading below.


The 2010 MTV Video Music Award show is just a few days away, as all the action goes down September 12 at 8 p.m. As a preview of chaos to come, you can see the extended version of Eminem’s 2010 VMA promo video below. The extended version of the Eminem VMA promo features the song “Not Afraid,” which was the first single from Eminem’s recently released album, Recovery.


Mike Edwards, a founding member of the band ELO, was killed while driving when a giant bale of hay weighing 700 lbs smashed into his car. Mike Edwards played cello for the group from 1972 until 1975.


It seems as though every day, we discover something new that iPods, iPads and iPhones can do. Today, it’s controlling the Parrot AR Drone, a unique quadricopter, also known as the Drone missile.


New York has a lot to be proud of, and some of New York’s most notable citizens in the realm of entertainment are showing their pride on the cover of V Magazine.


We sincerely hope you haven’t been unlucky enough to see the “Puppy-throwing Girl” video that has been tearing across the internet.


Ever wonder how offensive you can be in 140 characters? Rapper 50 Cent was kind enough to do some intensive research in the area after taking over his Twitter account.


Lindsay Lohan may not have had much to say while she sat in court pouting, but in an interview with Vanity Fairprior to her imprisonment, she let loose a lot.


You may not have heard of Pixie Lott, but big things are coming from this UK sensation. Already a massive star in her native country, with one million singles sold and two number one hits, soulful pop singer and actress Pixie Lott is ready to unleash her talent in the United States.


If you thought the world of post-hardcore had devolved into mindless chug breakdowns and uninspiring vocals, you may be half right.