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Timothy graced us with an interview in which he relays some of his first experiences starting out in the industry, how his childhood has shaped his drive to create in the industry, and shares his views on how technology may shape the future of fashion.
Daniel Haim sits down with Daniel P. Dykes, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of to discuss the growing influence of new media, the definition of an icon and what the future holds for him & his company.
The first word that comes to mind when considering Nirrimi’s career in fashion photography is “impressive”. At 18 years old, Nirrimi has already been signed to work on campaigns for brands such as Diesel and Billabong.
Not too shabby for a university dropout barely in his 20s. Daniel has a chat with London based photographer Elliott Morgan about what makes him tick, his skin deep love of Nikon and his upcoming projects.
Henryk Lobaczewski is an Australian photographer who has an amazing archive of editorial, beauty and advertising work. Featured here is a loud and colorful shoot with model Eliza Humblr.
Enrico takes us through the process of designing Glam Rock, from conception to packaging, includes us on what fuels his love of watches, and shares some of the lessons he’s learned from giants in the field of fashion.
Incredible Brazilian jeweler creates stylish and understated pieces that are becoming some of the most exciting designs of the moment. Here, he talks inspiration, exotic materials and his favorite pieces to create.
Constantly keeping an eye out for innovation and change in the domains of art and design, the Editor-in-Charge at Taschen shares what inspires him, what has shaped his career so far and what the future holds for publishing.
Kyle Anderson didn’t let growing up in a small suburban town get in the way of his dream of working in fashion. Interning at magazines like Vogue and Esquire, Kyle found his home at Elle Magazine six years ago.
Lucy Folk is young, vibrant Melbourne based jewelry designer, who bases her stand-out designs around food – nibbles, pasta and seafood! Her current collection is based on Mexican dishes, titled Taqueria. The taco pieces in particular are incredible.
The first impressions from Marlon upon seeing The Empire, are described as more of an emotion than a thought. ‘It was definitely a feeling that meant music in some way’. Most people when they go in there describe it in many ways. A spiritual feeling if you like, a calm.. But its more the sound of silence which you notice.
We love Mark for his Energy and vibrant personality, he is a fantastic hair stylist, has extreme experience, and we are looking forward to future collaborations in the pipeline.
Well, If I had to describe Dave MacDowell, he’s an absolute genius – he cultivates a story into his painting, while not hinting too much what it is, you’d have to be stupid to not realize that it’s all references to whats happening with today’s world.
Marius Troy is the founder of the Ben Trovato online platform that we can’t get enough of. A feed of fashion, inspiration and new emerging and established talent at our virtual fingertips.
Dudley O’Shaughnessy is a multi-talented man; boxing since the age of nine. Dudley began modeling at 19 and has recently signed up with an acting agency. Read Bloginity’s interview with Dudley here.
The Makeup Show has become and integral part of the makeup world. Speaking with James Vincent we get an inside look at what is new, who is new and what keeps this show going year after year.
John started doing graffiti art in his early teens, spray painting New York City trains, as opposed to now: spray painting silk screened canvas.
I first met William Fitzsimmons at a downtown show during the colder days of October. He was working on the release of The Sparrow and the Crow and back then, I was able to relate with the album, it’s what helped me gain this interest in William’s music, and life.
Anita Blay goes by the stage name of ‘CocknBullKid’. She is a singer songwriter from East London ‘Hackney’ in the UK and has been active within the industry for sometime and now is ready to showcase some new material.
There is a powerful energy that occurs in crowds. I depict it. I use hundreds of photographs and digitally montage them into a unified composition. Once montaged, I render my compositions in airbrushed acrylic.
A self-confessed loner who can only count six true friends in her life, Taylor maintains she isn’t bothered by what her critics think. In this exclusive interview Taylor discusses what it’s like being in the music industry, and her new life.
Five years into a remarkable solo career, Bobby V has experienced the best the music industry has to offer while working with some of the game’s elite. No wonder he’s calling his fourth album Fly on the Wall.
Surprisingly, photography came to Sigurd Grunberger at a late stage in his llfe. Starting out as an assistant in a camera shop, Sigurd has since surpassed his own aspirations, producing shoots all over the globe.
According to Austin Carlile, Of Mice & Men derived its name from the classic novel by John Steinbeck, and the moniker was an appropriate one, as he had experienced his best-laid plans going awry.
“The sky could crash into the ground, and we like the view; the flood runs through the canyons in New York City…every thing is just fine,” sings Greta Morgan in Gold Motel’s energetic, eternally optimistic “Perfect In My Mind.”