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The Feed Friday, July 25th 2014

Giles Dawe grew up in Bristol, England and studied Fine Art at Weston Super Mare, UWIC Cardiff and Nantes, France. He then moved to Hong Kong to be closer to his girlfriend at the time.

The Faint
Neon Trees

From the western plains of Provo, Utah, comes Neon Trees, a band whose name captures their essence – iridescent pop grounded by sturdy, organic roots rock – introduced on “Animal,” first single from their debut album HABITS, set for March 23rd release in the physical and digital marketplace on Mercury Records.


The south east Londoners have sold more than a million copies of their three hit albums (the other two being 2005’s ‘Tourist’ and 2007’s ‘Beyond The Neighbourhood’); packed out venues across the land; picked up an Ivor Novello award; and topped both the UK’s album and airplay charts.


Photography is like music, it has all these kinds of genres – if it’s the art of taking photographs during a wedding ceremony or high fashion if it’s landscape or self portrait you just name it and it’s there.


Pintandwefall sounds more like The White Stripes than the Spice Girls, with a gritty, garage-rock edge and a lack of pretentiousness and over-produced pop.

Smile Smile
Meital Dohan

Born and raised in Israel, Meital Dohan graduated from Israeli’s prestigious acting school, and has starred in many theater, television and film productions. She earned Israeli Oscar nominations for her performances in God’s Sandbox and Giraffes.


Make The Girl Dance, a “Parisian” electro act led by Pierre Mathieu, who is best known in France for presenting the TV Show “Plus vite que la musique” on M6.


Phantogram, a two-piece electronic rock band combining funky street beats with catchy pop and guitar. In this intimate interview Josh talks about his motivations, and what he hopes to achieve from the albums debut.

Jorgen Kjellgren

Let me tell you – you’re going to be feeling this music, in fact, I’ll guarantee that. Jorgen is just about to release his solo debut album Noir Syndrom this will be released sometime in mid February of 2010.


Let me be the first to say this – Ke$ha’s “TiK ToK” is the song of the decade. Forget about the fact that the song was released in October of 2009.


Looks like she might be more suited to a runway than being on stage providing tunes for other teens and twenty-somethings to groove to. But don’t be fooled by her looks – this dazzling blond has plenty of experience, having started gigging around London at the age of 14.


Now it’s not everyday that you come across a skateboarding, white rapper from Alabama who loves Old School Rock & Roll and has everyone from Raekwon to Juelz Santanato Slim Thug co-signing him. As a matter of fact, I’d wager to say you have never come across this before, but I bet you’re interested! Welcome to the wild wild world of Yelawolf.

Jake Newton

As impressive as the first EP (I’m a Bird) was Jake Newton assures the deliverance of the second masterpiece that will surely tune your heart to the structure of which combines the following feelings all together: love, delicate, delight, and leaves you with a taste to needing more.


In this day and age, when originality and creativity seem to be dying breeds in the music scene, a musician that tries to think outside the box and push the envelope should be commended.

Children from the village of Tsweleni playing in the rock pools
Paul Birman

An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves while Paul Birman assures that the year that has passed will remain reminiscent. Like they say “a good snapshot stops a moment from running away.”


It was not enough to just feature O’Spada’s exclusive tracks. I know this band will be shaking the world. Yes, for sure. And I’m here to make sure that you hear her brilliant voice.

Mara Herron

Titiyo a Swedish mega star while the title of Sweden’s Queen of Soul might not seem one of modern music’s most coveted crowns but, in Sweden itself, there is little doubt that Titiyo not only merits all the acclaim lavished by her homeland, but that international acclaim has already demolished borders across much of Europe too.


Oren is definitely one of the most unique artists I’ve ever had the chance to speak with. His songs are like a piece of art, if it’s a massive overwhelming sculpture or if it’s a beautiful, colorful large canvaswhich he draws for you as he tells you the the words in each song. He has been blessed by this industry, in so many ways.

Michael Jack & Janet Jackson