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Latest Entries Tuesday, December 6th 2016
The Dash Gallery
Matthew McConaughey
Javier Bardem
Nadine Strittmatter by Steven Lyon
Portion of Proceeds to Benefit Lift Up Foundation and Allegro Foundation

Charlotte-based artists Anne H. Neilson and Robert Langford are using their talents to help those less fortunate when they present an exhibition of new works March 3-6 at New York’s Red Dot Art Fair, one the most prestigious art events in the country.

Aretha Franklin
Teresa Helbig Cibeles Fashion Week 2011 (18)
Maria Escote Cibeles Fashion Week 2011 (8)
Martin Lamothe Cibeles Fashion Week 2011 (4)
Carlos Diez Cibeles Fashion Week 2011 (1)
Amanda Seyfried for Interview Magazine

Absolutely stunning: Amanda Seyfried photographed by Mikael Jansson for Interview Magazine.

Bob Dylan
Incubus H.O.P.E
Morse Museum exterior
Quinta Witzel ELLE UK 2011 (1)

Quinta Witzel by Simon Burstall for the March issue of Elle Magazine.

Tanya Dziahileva for Beymen Fall 2011 (1)
Cassidy Randall 700w
TCN Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week 2011 (27)
Sita Murt Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week 2011 (2)