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Aram Bedrossian
Aram Bedrossian for Lovecat Magazine 9

This seductive fashion editorial was shot by Aram Bedrossian, with several of the photographs being featured in LoveCat Magazine’s Art issue.

Aram Bedrossi Self Portrait

Photographer Aram Bedrossian creates unique and engaging images that capture authentic moments of everyday life. Interviewed by Daniel Haim, Aram talks magazines, shoot preparations and his unique photographic style.

Nicole Trunfio by Aram Bedrossian 9
Nicole Trunfilo for LoveCat Magazine 6

Aram photographs Australian beauty Nicole Trunfio for the first issue of LoveCat magazine, a biannual, limited edition “model fanzine”. Aram Bedrossian surely knows how to take charge when it comes to working with Nicole.