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Erin Heatherton

Saturday, August 29th 2015
by Team Bloginity

Erin Heatherton says it is her “responsibility” to ensure she prepares for a Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

by Alexander Patino

This year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show packed it’s usual punch, but still left something to be desired.

by Team Bloginity

Four levels of tickets to cycle alongside a supermodel were available for purchase. Participants also had the opportunity to bid on exclusive items as they cycled, including a pair of Angel wings and photo ops with their favorite Victoria’s Secret Angel.

by Daniel Haim

The usually fair skinned Victoria’s Secret model gets tan and sandy for the new issue of Elle Russia.

by Daniel Haim

To watch Erin Heatherton contort her curves for the camera, you might not suspect that a charming, hilarious personality lives inside her. One of the latest additions to Victoria’s Secret host of Angels, Heatherton stands 5-foot-11, has a bit of Kate framed by cascading blonde tresses and sports that rare, radiant tan you only find on beaches in paradise.

by Daniel Haim

You see the thing is, until this bare moment I didn’t realize the potential Erin had in her. I thought she was a bit plain, blonde, “just another” Victoria’s Secret Angel.

by Daniel Haim

For his latest portrait series Seth Sabal photographs four of the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel, Erin Heatherton and Lily Aldridge.