Interview: Donny Fontaine on the Auditory Assault of Hypercrush.

by Daniel Haim

Donny Fontaine, HyperCrush
Hypercrush is a group of three from California and they describe themselves as “three sh*t-faced extra terrestrials known amongst the elite, simply as DonnyPreston and Holly. A couple of real gentlemen and one broad with a steady diet of cotton candy and flat soda pop to calm the nerves.”

When we asked Donny how could they describe Hyper Crush in his own words he said “it’s an auditory assault on the central nervous system.” Even though the stress of doing so many shows one after one they still took a moment to sit down with us a chat about their music career, life, and how things are going for them.

Daniel: So Donny, how would you describe Hypercrush in your own words? What influences do you draw upon?

Donny: “Our music could be described as an auditory assault on the central nervous system through aggressive electronic rhythms. A sort of smorgasbord of random ‘steez.’ We are highly influenced by Tony Scott, The Smiths, The Prodigy, and Christopher Walken.”

Daniel: Tell us about the creative process of HyperCrush and how it is working together.

Donny: “Well we usually start with producing the beat. Soon after that I (Donny) will begin fiddling with words hoping that something halfway retarded yet clever comes to mind. Around this time Preston and me are ready to fight. But within in this time we usually begin making some real progress. Holly of course is present and writes with us. It’s a tough process but it seems to work.”

Daniel: There’s a heavy 80’s influence in your music. Where does that come from? How did you guys become interested in this 80’s culture?

Donny: “We became interested in the 80’s when we were born there. I was born in the southern 80’s and so was Preston. Those were some of the best times of our lives. We just like it there.”

Daniel: Who directed the video clip ‘The Arcade’? Who came up with the treatment?

Donny:Mickey Finnegan was the director. He came up with the treatment and we came up with the idea to show up to the video so I guess it was a team effort. Big ups to Mickey and the whole squad. Were shooting another one in a little bit with him. If we decide to show up to that one to it should be a good video.”

Donny “Ponyboy” Fontaine is a straight shooter, who once won a trip to Reno, Nevada in a James Dean look-a-like contest. Despite his uncanny looks, he still has trouble with low self-esteem at times. Donny began rapping in the summer of ‘56 and has not stopped since.

Daniel: Having traveled around the states what are the differences between the crowds and what has been your most memorable experience so far? – What has been the hottest club that you’ve played at?

Donny: “Denver is always really dope. Our hometown Los Angeles is of course one of the best for us. They had to pull out a barricade in Pontiac Michigan cause kids were rushing the stage and being silly.”

Daniel: Where do you see yourselves in 2 years? 5 years? 10 years?

Donny: “In two years probably traveling through out the world and performing. Five years, we’ll have released our 25th album and have grossed a total sale of 24,000 records worldwide. In 10 years we will be doing another interview with you guys from San Quentin penitentiary.