YouTube Singing Sensation Lisa Lavie gives Bloginity the Details.

This diamond in the rough has been compared to the likes of Mariah Carey,Leona Lewis & Whitney Houston. Not bad company to keep. Lisa is the real deal and deserving of these accolades.

This week we have the honor to host the beautiful and talented Canadian born singer, Lisa Lavie. Lisa has been setting the music industry abuzz with her powerfully moving and booming voice, stunning looks and songwriting skills.

This diamond in the rough has been compared to the likes of Mariah Carey,Leona Lewis & Whitney Houston. Not bad company to keep. Lisa is the real deal and deserving of these accolades.

She is an amazing talent that is sure to be one of the break-through success stories of 2009. Lisa’s dedicated YouTube channel proves her dedication to her fans. She personally runs it, uploading videos of herself while recording her songs in the studio, she connects with her fans and responds to everything while writing daily blogs. We were really curious, with all that buzz that’s going on with her at the moment — how could she be running this blog on daily basis, while having to deal with all the rest?

Daniel: How did you get started in this business?

Lisa: When I was 16 I was offered to go on tour as a back-up vocalist with Canada’s #1 hip hop group at the time “Dubmatique”.  It was an amazing experience and I knew at that point that this is what I wanted to persue as a career so I started writing songs and taking it seriously but I didn’t really get my break until I moved out to California to work with Ben Margulies.

Daniel: How did you meet and begin working with Ben Margulies?

Lisa: Ben was handed over my demo tape of songs that I wrote when I was 16. He liked what he heard and got in touch with me right away so that I could fly out to California and start writing with him.  After I googled him and quizzed him on his own life to find out if he was legit ( lol ) I flew out the very next day.   I was suppose to stay for 3 days and that quickly turned in to 3 months.  I’ve been out here in California ever since, and I go back home to Montreal every few months to visit my family. (Lavie smiles.)

Daniel: When did you first realize that you were blessed with such an amazing voice?

Lisa: I had no Idea I could sing until I was 10 years old.  There was a school variety show going on and our music teacher had everyone in the class sing “Somewhere over the Rainbow”. I was trying to hide in back the boys because I was so shy to sing but one of my friends ratted me out and I had no choice to sing.  I started off the 1st verse and when I was suppose to stop singing my teacher asked me to continue, I continued singing and he immediately said “You’ve got the part”. I was shocked and ran home to my mom and yelled “Mom, I could sing”. She said “What”? (Very shocked) lol

Daniel: I couldn’t help but notice the youtube channel that you are running. What could you tell us about that?

Lisa: A little over a year ago, I started posting up live recordings of myself singing in the studio up on youtube.  I had no expectations at all. I figured that this was a great avenue to get your music heard but I had no idea that I’d end up having over 12 million views and that this would launch my career.  I run my channel everyday and chat it up with everyone.  YouTube is such a great way to build fan base and get people’s feedback as to what songs they like best, etc.

Daniel: Who inspires you to write? What are your influences?

Lisa: In the past I got my inspiration from a myriad of life’s challenges, mostly relationship driven.  My heightened emotions & circumstances has kept the material coming thus far.  lol  I also get inspired to write from  conversations I’ve had with people. If I keep my writing cap on and tap into my creativity while taking in situations it becomes easier to jot your thoughts and ideas down.

Daniel: Has the music industry changed you as a person?

Lisa: The music industry has definitely made me grow as an individual. I’ve learned a lot about who I am while working on this album and trying to break in to the biz. I’ve also learned that in order to success you need to give it your all and not wait around for people to make things happen for you, because no one cares about your career and music more than you do.

Daniel: What are your hopes for the year 2009?

Lisa: My hopes for 2009 is that my debut album is released in stores and that it becomes a success. I’d love to start touring and writing more songs for myself and other artists and continue on this train while living my life and doing what I love to do.

Daniel: When can we expect a physical release for your CD?

Lisa: I’m hoping that my album will be released at the beginning of the 2nd quarter of ‘09. Right now I’m in the process of adding a couple more songs to the compilation and then I’d ready to go.

Daniel: There’s so much buzz going on with you at this moment, tell us about some of the cool relationships that you have forged over the past couple of months.

Lisa: Things have really been going great.  The stars all seem to be aligning and alliances with key people are starting to shape up. I’m definitely excited about everything that’s taking place”

Daniel: Where do you see yourself in 2 years? 5 years? 10 years?

Lisa: If I look down the line 10 years from now. I still see myself singing and writing songs and doing what I love to do. Married with Kids,  I’d probably be on my 6th album. Hopefully by then I’ll have toured every country in the world and made a difference in people’s lives. There’s nothing like touching people with music. (Lisa smiles)