Becky Donohue on Growing up, Comedy & Live Stand Up

by Team Bloginity

Becky Donohue in one word, is awesome! I have been lucky to perform several times on Becky’s great shows at COMIX and Comic Strip Live in NYC. Working with Becky is a treat! When you see her hit the stage once, you’re hooked. She has an energy, wit, spunky storytelling and animated stage presence that keeps you intrigued. Becky is a truly funny person, on and off-stage.

Becky has been featured on Comedy Central, MTV3, and TLC’s Trading Spaces. She performs a top comedy clubs nationwide and all over NYC, as well as hosts her own show called NewJacks at Comic Strip Live in NYC. Becky writes for US Weekly and Life & Style Magazine. She also performed at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. Check her out!

Cheroc: How did you get started in Comedy?

Becky: I was in college and I took part in a ‘funniest university student’ contest. I was the runner up. I don’t think the other guy still does comedy. He is the one with sense.

Cheroc: What was it like growing up in a Colombian/ Irish family?

Becky: It was a pretty cool upbringing. Very normal and suburban. Although, I do believe when you have an immigrant parent they treat you a certain way out of fear. So, my mother was much stricter and had a tight hold on me as a kid. My dad is a very get-it-all-done kind of guy. He’s not the biggest conversationalist, but he’s a good man. My mother is hilarious. Together they were great parents.

Cheroc: Where do you get your energy and motivation for the stage?

Becky: From alcohol. To seriously answer, I think it’s what I’m supposed to do. I think it’s the thing that I have the most natural ability in. Unfortunately, there are a million other factors other than natural ability that play a part in a comedy career.

Cheroc: What have been your best, and worst shows

Becky: Best shows, hmmm, too many to nail down just one. Pretty much, every time I play the Punchline in San Francisco, it’s a blast. There’s never a bad show at that club and I like doing a half hour. Bad shows — crap, there’s again so many. There was the time where I played a college and everyone over 21 sat about 15 feet away behind a net. One time I fought with two retardedly drunk girls for the entire time that I hosted a show. They just wouldn’t let up and I was too young to realize I could get them kicked out. A lot of unbelievably fun stuff like that.

Cheroc: You performed at the famed Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. How do foreign crowds respond to your humor?

Becky: They either love it or hate it. I think female comedians abroad are still very ‘low key’. So, someone like me seems very edgy to them. Doesn’t mean they don’t like it, but some are very reserved and British about it, which means they tip their hat instead of laughing. All in all though, the festival was a great experience.

Cheroc: Who are some of your comedic idols and have you performed with any of them?

Becky: At this point the people I most admire are my peers — Michelle Buteau, Rachel Feinstein, Marina Franklin. I love Kathy Griffin, Lewis Black, Margaret Cho, Christian Finnegan — and yes, I’ve performed with all of them including Kathy and Margaret way back when.

Cheroc: What would your super hero name be and what power would you possess?

Becky: ‘Dirty Biscuit’ — I would have the power to make assholes go away. Not literally, your asshole, but people who act like assholes.

Cheroc: Do you have any crazy fan stories?

Becky: Not really crazy. I’m not at some kind of Dane Cook level, clearly. I did have a bunch of gay guys follow me from show to show once, which was fun. And I LOVE when people don’t know who I am email me and say, I saw you on such and such or I heard you on Sirrius and I just love your stuff. I get a kick out of that. It’s really cool.

Cheroc: If there was a TV sitcom based on your life, what would it be like?

Becky: Roseanne, but younger and gayer.

Cheroc: What’s on the horizon for Becky Donohue in 2009?

Becky: Trying to get my book and pilot made. Lots of comedy dates and a few really funny short films. Keep checking for more!

Thanks to Becky Donohue for granting us such a great interview! Get up-to-date info. on her shows, events, and more at Becky will be hitting a movie theater near you this Summer in the comedy documentary Stand Up 360, so be on the lookout! Also check out Becky’s hilarious CD Partly Yelling with a Chance of Breakdown, which can be purchased on / iTunes.