Kleerup – DJ, Producer and New Daddy.

by Daniel Haim

I’m happy to start the interview by congratulating Kleerup for becoming a father today, and for the self-titled debut album, which is flawless from start to end. Nothing that’s bad can be said about it. So many collaborations.

‘Until We Bleed’ feat Lykke Li is a melancholy delight, and even when the tempo picks up on upbeat instrumentals like Thank You for Nothing and Tower of Trellick the music’s polish and restraint maintains a vibe that is almost pastoral, a welcome respite in this age of buzzing bangers.  I have owned this album for a year or so now, I’ll tell you honestly – I listen to it almost everyday. Hero, one of my favorite tracks is a great opener and if you are a Cyndi Lauper fan “Thank You For Nothing” is the song he produced on her album, he also wrote and produced “Lay Me Down

Kleerup produced a string of songs in 2007 for a veritable who’s who of Swedish pop — Roxette, the CardigansShout Out Louds — as well as Mika and Just Jack. His self-titled debut album appeared in 2008 and included “With Every Heartbeat” feat Robyn as well as similarly-styled tracks with vocal performances from Lykke Li, Marit Bergman, half-sisters Neneh Cherry and Titiyo, and the Concretes’ Lisa Milberg.

Even though Kleerup is a brand new daddy (literally) after contacting his label, I’ve had the pleasure to meet with him and speak for a few minutes, and that’s how I brought this interview! I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did!

Daniel: What was your life like before making it big in the industry

Kleerup: Hmmm..… It’s been a Struggle. Longing for Lullabies (not the song) longing for long legs, searching for the meaning of life.. etc.. I was developing though, there were highs and there were lows.

Daniel: Where do you draw your inspirations from?

Kleerup: My new studio is great, plus this year I’ve became a father, I’m paying bills, I’m sleeping, I’m doing interviews, I’m serious! I’m working with the world top notch female singers. (Robyn, Cyndi Lauper, Marit Bergman, Neneh Cherry, Lykke..) And as always my heroes: Bergman, W Allen, C Bukowski, D L Roth, Tommy Lee, Heidegger, and of course, Mom!

Daniel: What part of the music life, and your music career do you like the most?

Kleerup: I think that everyone that’s doing this type of job needs to get acknowledged this and I’ll demonstrate:

Whatever (and if) happens you either: A. Get stressed or B. You’ll find the Calm and inner Peace.

I really like to think that I found answer my inner peace (B.) and since then, every part of making music is actually wonderful. Also sometimes you’ve got to have some elbows for this. Especially with people who were in the biz a long time ago, like in the good old days when MP3’s didn’t exist, and you could have couple of houses and fly jets and be groovy. Fortunately; people have learned that about the music now.

Daniel: What do you usually do on a Friday night out?

Kleerup: Daniel, I wish I could give a good answer but I usually don’t know what day it is, I’ve got a baby at home!!

Daniel: How did you collaborate with Lykke Li?

Kleerup: I actually knew her sister’s brother, so we met up and we made magic together. She rules!.

Daniel: Which songs do you perform more frequently during a set?

Kleerup: While DJing I always somehow play “What a Fool Believes” by the Doobie Brothers and “Woman” by John Lennon. During Live we start with a song called “Hero” from my album and take it from there.

Daniel: Has the music industry changed you as a person?

Kleerup: Nonezippity-squat-none-whatsoever” but I like to think I changed (Kleerup smiles)

Daniel: What are your plans for the New Years Eve? What are your hopes for 2010?

Kleerup: The usual, staying alive, and keeping my head up but still see the lights….

Daniel: So you wanna come to celebrate 2010 with us, here, in NYC?

Kleerup: YES!!!!! Bring me over!!!!!!!!!