Review: Capitalism, A Love Story!

I saw Capitalism yesterday I wanted to see it on opening night but as its not playing at all the major theaters I had to wait and find some people to take the journey with me to a theater that plays quality films and not just Halloween thrillers in October. The movie was one of his best not because he spent more time effort or money during production, but because there is no political bashing, Republicans really get their panties in a bunch at the sound of Michael Moore’s name however this movie does not warrant the bad press it has received from the right wing reviewers that didn’t even see the movie for the most part. Its strange to hate something you’ve never seen unless your afraid of the truth. This film goes after the 1% who have made it big thanks toCapitalism plus greed plus lies plus deceit and the cherry on top no morals. Those who call Moore’s film a push toward Socialism also I can bank that they haven’t seen the movie because it is about a democracy.

“This time the filmmaker is calling for the replacement of America’s capitalist system with a socialist system, including, of course, pro-communist proposals to share all wealth or profits equally.” Ted Baehr – – September 24, 2009 its safe to say that he was probably too busy stroking his ego during the parts of the movie focusing on Democracy and against Socialism.

Why do we say we are a Democratic country while the workplace has become a dictatorship ? also checkout dead peasants a term used when the big companies take a big fat life insurance policy on a low-income worker which makes them a valuable asset to the company……dead ! Then the Walmart CEOS can cash it in for a cool million and leave the family of the deceased living on food stamps for the rest of their life….but hey its just another example of how capitalism is serving our country well. The movie exposes the control of these fat cat banks ruining americans lives and pulling all the strings to unravel this country. If you love America, Democracy, and the freedom to succeed than you should see this film.