Book Review: Tracy Morgan, I Am The New Black

by Mica Sebti

Tracy Morgan’s autobiography takes you into the mind of a comedian with a lot to share. He holds nothing back in his 8-chapter book entitled I Am The New Black reading this book gives you a sense you are sitting down with Tracy, having a beer while he tells you all about it his upbringing, becoming famous, and everything that’s in-between.

For instance when he was 11 he thought up a way to seek revenge on a peer who stole his Puma shoes at the pool. He didn’t know who but he stole them, but he knew that by going to the middle of the pool quote from the book

“Taking a shit the size of a Milky Way. I made sure everyone saw it too. I pointed at it and started screaming like I had no idea where it came from” he would get this revenge. Just to get an idea of his trouble making ways he would often get into fights as a kid but his handicapped older brother couldn’t defend him, and kids in school knew that he says he did the only thing he knew how to do… Make them laugh. Tracy Morgan says people often ask him why he became a comedian and are surprised when he says “ I got funny for one reason: I got funny to survive.”

His life was full of many ups and downs his father died of AIDS while he was a teen which changed his life forever and then he was asked to be a regular on the Martin show which set off his career and took him one more step towards fame.

When you read this book you’ll see not much has changed to the boy who grew up in Bed Sty he is very humbled by his upbringing and says it like it is (which sometimes gets him into trouble). He touches on his divorce which he says was the hardest thing he has ever gone through to his first days on SNL.“ When I got my first check from Saturday Night Live I’m not joking when I tell you that people in the ghetto think that if you’re on TV you have a million dollars and that you keep it in your house. They will come to you house and steal it, and they will kill you if that money is not there. And why would it be? What is this, the 1800s? We have banks now! And debit cards!” he later went onto say that he moved at 4 am to avoid such issues of theft in his neighborhood as he was about to make it big. He talks about dealing drugs, his short-lived football career, and losing his virginity to his 14 year old babysitter when he was 8.

He may not go on to become an author but his book truly does give you insight to how one of my favorite talents of this era got to where he is today. His book is laid back and says it like it is, with some conversational tangents only Tracy himself could think up. Read it if you love him like I do, you won’t be disappointed! You can pick up Tracy Morgan’s I Am The New Black right here.