Lior Nir – How He Became A Photographer.

Lior doesn’t know the meaning of “letting go” about seven years ago he was injured during regular service in the army and after a long struggle of rehabilitation he fought to go back to serve his country for a reserve duty during the draft of the Lebanon War. Armed with an amateur camera, he witnessed every moment while he immortalized his friends minutes before they all lost their lives.

Lior himself was injured during the battle, and doctors were worried that he would lose his sight forever. He didn’t give up.

Today Lior is studying his BA for Photography and Arts at Minshar, Tel Aviv. He has been interviewed by the press to share this incredible story with the world.

In an interview Lior said “It’s a dream come true to fulfill this passion, it’s a feeling that cannot be explained. My sight has been hurt, but when you want something like I did, you make it work. At the observation where I was injured I used to take photos, I felt like as if something was going to happen. Today I know this is what I was destined to do.

Five bullets shards went from one side of my head to the other. There is no way that I would go to battle again. The “angel of death” have visited me twice and I’m not going to give him the third visit”.

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