Inside Glenn Jones’ Brilliant Mind

He’s a brilliant illustrator, and when I mean a brilliant illustrator I mean he is absolutely brilliant, and unique.


He is becoming an internet sensation, his illustrations can be seen anywhere you turn to. Jones has worked within the design industry for the past 17 years with a primary focus on packaging & corporate identity. Due to his success designing & selling tees on the popular t-shirt site he is now focusing on his own t-shirt line, GLENNZ.

Daniel: When did you begin showing interest in design, and when did you first start doing illustrations. Did you go to school for that?

Glenn: I’ve always been into illustration from when I was young, I went to design school briefly but mostly just learnt on the job.

Daniel: You have such a creative mind, every time I look at another piece you did I just laugh because it’s so original. Which ones are your personal favorites?

Glenn: I don’t really have any favorites, I just enjoy drawing them.

Daniel: What inspires you, and who are your influences?

Glenn: I guess just pop culture or putting a spin on everyday items that people interact with. I don’t really have any influences, I just like the crispness of vector art

Daniel: Who are other designers/illustrators that you follow their work?

Glenn: Lots of great illustrators out there, just have a look on a site like – so many talented people.

Daniel: Do you remember your first illustration sale?

Glenn: I guess my first ’sale’ was having my first tee printed at Threadless (click here to view first listing “Go Japan”)

Daniel: When did you know you finally made it as a designer? Have you thought about other accessories beyond T-Shirts & Calendars, like – sneakers, watches, wrist bands, necklaces?

Glenn: I’m not sure I’ve made it yet! as far as my site goes, I’m just keen to keep developing new products as we go – its all pretty exciting

Daniel: Can you give our readers any tips on illustration? (e.g. what software you are using, to inspirational tips as well).

Glenn: I use illustrator for all of my work, and pretty much just use the pen tool, For me it was just about trying things and practicing drawing stuff. Gradually you hone your skills, and these days there’s heaps of helpful tutorials online for people starting out

Daniel: How has the online store been working out for you? Have you seen more exposure since then?

Glenn: Yeah, its great! I’m loving the process and learning new things all the time – its lots of fun!