Asher Levy’s art Exhibition – ‘The Symphony of Colors’

by Daniel Haim

Asher was born on September 6th, 1950 in the City of Haifa, Israel. After serving in the military, he attended Haifa University, majoring in Economics and Statistics. The Yom Kippur War experience, led Asher to search for new intellectual and spiritual form of expression. It is then, in 1974, that he begun his journey into the world of Arts.

Asher received tremendous joy from this experience and subsequently pursued further education in the Arts. He studied Creative Art at Haifa University and completed his studies in 1977. Once graduated, he arrived in the United States and settled in New York City. In 1979, Asher exhibited his work at the National Art Galley in Soho. The work had combined objects collected from the streets of New York and Acrylic paint on Canvas to portray his life in the city.

During the early Eighties, Asher worked for Chuck Baker in Fashion Photography, while pursuing his own interests in the field. Asher married Brigitte, a Ceramics Artist in 1984 and had taken on a career in the contracting field to support his wife and two children. Asher remained committed to the Arts by working and experimenting with many new techniques and materials. In 1999, he combined his experience with construction materials using cement in lieu of a canvas to form the basis for his work. Recently, Asher showed his art work at the Nassau Museum of Art – outdoor fair, in the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in Chelsea and in Hewlett- Woodmere public Library. Currently his work is displayed at the Cupping Room Café, located at the heart of Soho, at, 359 West Broadway NY, NY.

In his recent work, Asher uses mostly black and white portraits of people he photographed through the years. Transforming them into a colorful and dynamic images, using bright and vivid colors. The images seem to expend beyond the canvas frame as they have no boundary.

Asher Levy In His Own Words
In my work I combine the abstract and the figurative being equally fascinated by these two movements in art. I love experimenting with colors. I like referring to some of my paintings as symphony of colors and like music, I try to express sensuality, beauty, loneliness, strength and more. Once I am done with a painting the painting stands on its own. All the feelings that I put into it are gone. My attention is on the next one with the new feelings and ideas. It is up to the viewers through their own experiences and understanding to absorb and enjoy my work and I really hope they do.