Mark Tierney ‘Trash That Dress’ Wedding Photography

Photography is like music, it has all these kinds of genres – if it’s the art of taking photographs during a wedding ceremony or high fashion if it’s landscape or self portrait you just name it and it’s there.

Photography is like music, it has all these kinds of genres – if it’s the art of taking photographs during a wedding ceremony or high fashion if it’s landscape or self portrait you just name it and it’s there. Today I’d like to introduce to you Photographer Mark Tierney who is an award winning photographer and is passionate about all fields of photography such Wedding, Fashion Portrait and shows much interest in photography that is best known as “Trash the dress” or “TTD”. It also known as fearless bridal or rock the frock. Trash the Dress is a style of wedding photography that contrasts elegant clothing with an environment in which it is out of place. It is generally shot in the style of fashion and glamour photography.

American photographer and environmentalist Ansel Adams once said “A photograph is usually looked at – seldom looked into.” It’s that sort of feeling you get when you look at Trash the Dress catalogs. Tierney grew up in Yorkshire, England and moved to Rotherham where he resides until today with his wife and daughter. As he had much interest in photography since an early age the professional interest began following the birth of his daughter, six years ago.

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Mark Tierney, In His Own Words..

Mark: I started off with a digital point and shoot camera and soon progressed to a professional level SLR camera. I converted my garage into a studio in 2006 which I now use for family portraits. I also started wedding photography in 2006 and this area is now a major focus of my business. I was a 3D C.A.D. draughtsman until I was made redundant in December 2008. Like many others, the current recession has ended my employment in engineering; luckily for me I now have the opportunity to pursue my dream of photography as career.

Daniel: Do you remember your first photography sale?

Mark: My first print sale was of the iconic Tinsley Cooling towers which used to be next to the Tinsley viaduct in Sheffield. The two 250ft towers were demolished in 2008. It was a great feeling to think somebody was going to hang my work on their wall.

Daniel: Do you enjoy doing what you’re doing?

Mark: I love photography and I feel very passionate about it. I get a lot of satisfaction being creative for a living, unlike my last job!

Daniel: What are your favorite shoots to do?

Mark: I love shooting people and landscape photography, especially when I can combine both of them!

Daniel: Tell us about Trash the Dress

Mark: “Trash the Dress” is a style of photography that originated in America and has now becoming popular in the UK. The idea behind Trash the Dress is simple – instead of packing your beautiful dress away in the loft never to be seen again, choose a location and end up with some distinctive photographs that are a world away from traditional wedding portraits. What Trash the Dress gives you is the opportunity to get some very different images, taken in locations that you normally wouldn’t go to, to take formal photographs. This can be a river, forest, coast, industrial scene, anywhere that you want. The original concept was for trashing wedding dresses, but you don’t have to damage it, it may just get dirty around the bottom of the dress if you are careful – but how far you want to take it is entirely up to you.

Daniel: How did the interest begin for TTD?

Mark: I saw an article in a magazine about John Michael Cooper, the Las Vegas wedding photographer credited with starting the trend. As soon as I saw the images I thought I have got to try that!

Daniel: What inspires you to take a really good photograph? I love to capture emotion in

Mark: people which is why I gain a lot of satisfaction capturing all the different emotions on a wedding day. My original inspiration came from the beautiful scenery of the peak district where you can find numerous stunning landscapes, and I especially love to capture the beautiful light often found in landscape photography.

Daniel: Share with us a great photography quote.

Mark: Take nothing but photographs, kill nothing but time, Leave nothing but footprints.

Daniel: If you could choose any place in the world to go alone, solo, you and your camera – where would it be and why?

Mark: I would love to photograph the many different landscapes of New Zealand. There are not many countries where you will find glaciers, fjords, mountains, vast plains, subtropical forest, volcanic plateau, and miles of coastline.