Movie Review: Shutter Island Keeps Audiences On The Edge

The first tweet we sent after viewing the film was Shutter Island’s cinematography was fantastic and truly Hitchcock inspired. Great twist and a strong cast” right as we stepped out from the New York theater.

“Is it better to live as a monster or to die as a good man?” that’s the question the movie lets the audience answer.

Shutter Island plays upon the importance of a traumatic experience and has the audience trusting different ideas and characters as the story progresses.

Leonardo DiCaprio shines in this complex and eery role. The entire cast carries a somewhat scattered plot with great attention to their craft. Visually the film gets five stars. Martin Scorsese cinema-graphic vision was by far the strongest theme in the movie with deep grays, greens, and a spark of red during dramatic moments.

TIPS: The attention to details in the movie is very important because Scorsese is not known for slipping up or letting things go, he’s a meticulous director.

For those who are too afraid of watching Shutter Island, know that this is not a horror film but a psychological thriller. Will we go watch Shutter Island again? Yes, not because it’s the best movie but because once you know the twist the whole movie needs to be reevaluated.