Andreas Preis – The Brilliance of Illustration

If you thought drawing on a paper imagine what it’s like to do with a Wacom pen. It’s hard, and when it comes to this method, Preis manages to bring illustration to another level.

If you thought drawing on a paper imagine what it’s like to do with a Wacom pen. It’s hard, and when it comes to this method, Andreas Preis manages to bring illustration to another level.

Every creator painfully experiences the chasm between his inner vision and its ultimate expression. Preis clearly manages to put these two feeling together, and very well. His vision of each illustration that he creates is unique with a signature design and the expression left, well of course it’s there as well.

We’ve asked Andreas everything from what illustration means to him to which tool would he invent to reshape the illustration technology. Enjoy!

Daniel: Take us through the creative process of making an illustration, creating something from scratch, to the scanning process to the coloring.

Andreas: First of all, there are photos, sometimes only one sometimes I shape a collage. Most of them were shot by friends of mine or by myself, but sometimes I just search through the internet. If I see something I like (interesting look, shadows, lights, perspektive…), I start to create a drawing out of it.

Normally I change a lot of parts like hair, clothes, often some lights and virtually always the composition; I don’t want just to copy what I see, I always add or remove stuff (sometimes I don’t even use photos…) …The drawing is the most important part, I always try to have a drawing that would work in b/w as well as colored. First the raw outlines, then shadows with a lot of cross-hatching… When its finished, I scan it and finally colorize everything in PS by using again scans and photos of different stuff for the backgrounds… that’s it!

Daniel: What tools, software do you find yourself using the most?

Andreas: Macbook, printer, scanner, intuos4, Adobe CS4, fine-liners, markers, pencils, brushes, spraycans, dirt…

Daniel: How did you get started in this industry?

Andreas: I’m still into that whole »getting started« process… But I spent almost  the whole last year building a portfolio for  illustration, so almost everything I can show right now are free illustrations…

Daniel: Technology has been reshaping our world, and we’re moving towards an amazing futuristic place. What do you think the illustration world would be like in 10, 15, 25, 50 years from today. And if you could, what tool would you create to re-shape the digital art and illustration world?

Andreas: Maybe there will be interactive illustrations, where people can change stuff, colors etc…But I’m quite sure there will always be »oldschool« illustration, at least I hope so…

Daniel: Adobe CS5 is just around the corner. Have you been watching the new tutorials, the new tricks and the add-ons? What are your thoughts about CS5. Do you consider it a powerful tool for your work? & What are you most excited for?

Andreas: Yeah, I watched some of the tutorials and what I saw looked very interesting, especially some new tools for image editing. But to be honest, I didn’t watch that much, because I don’t think, I will be able to upgrade in the next months, so I would just get mad about the possibilities that I couldn’t afford right now…

Daniel: Did art always have a big part of your life?

Andreas: Jep, for sure, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t like to draw or paint or create things.

Daniel: Are you a self taught designer, is this something you went to school for?

Andreas: I studied communications design in Nurenberg and finished my studies in 2009 with my »Diplom«, but I’m still thinking about making my Master somewhere else.

Daniel: Nowadays when creativity has gone down the drain how do you manage to find yours?

Andreas: I didn’t even know, that creativity went down the drain! I really don’t think so, especially nowadays, there are so many possibilities to get inspired, there is so many art and design you can find on the internet and there is so much new technology which allows so much more. Personally, apart from being a graphic designer and illustrator, I’m part of a team of vjs, light designers and technicans.

Together, we’re called »ELEKTROPASTETE« and worked on some really nice projects. In this collective, everybody is as free as possible to create whatever he wants. I think to have such creative people around you and to work with them, is always a big help.

Daniel: What inspires you, and where do you draw your passion to stop everything and just go do illustration.

Andreas: Music!!, nature, my whole environment, people around me, other illustrators and artists, street art…

Daniel: Where do you plan to take your art to? Is this something you’d like to do for a living?

Andreas: It’s definitely the one thing I want to do for my living! I don’t know, where this could go, but as long as it’s enough to live of it, it would be great…

Daniel: Who are your major influences, inspiration in life and in the art world?

Andreas: Life: Family and friends. There are countless great artists but right now for me personally two names: Russ Mills, Jacob Bannon and Si Scott!