Adidas Gets a Makeover From Ratinan Thaijareorn.

A couple of weeks ago we came across a very pretty gallery on the Behance network which we later decided to do a full feature with. The interview you are about to read is with a very special illustrator.

A couple of weeks ago we came across a very pretty gallery on the Behance network which we later decided to do a full feature with. The interview you are about to read is with a very special illustrator.

Rathinan AKA “ISE” is a 24 year years old artist who was born and raised in Bang Kong, Thailand. She says she loves painting, as it’s one of her best friends. She also loves to draw Fashion style female figures.

She got her degree in Visual Communication Art & Design from Rangsit University. Now she works on illustration freelancing and opened a clothing shop name “Weisschwarz”

Daniel: How did you first start with art, and when did it become more then just a hobby?

Rathinan: I always study with another arts, photo, song and music. It does inspire me to create all of my works. When you created a noticeable works. Absolutely, your works will be required, grateful or delectable and then, its will become more then just a hobby.

Daniel: Were you always passionate about art?

Rathinan: Of course, I have passionate in my works because it’s like an attractive for spectators to get inside my works. In my opinion, passionate are the mysteriousness and beautiful in women eyes expression that I drew. You do not know what thing her think about that is a question I leave to spectators for find their own answer. That why I can not stop to draw a woman mysteriousness eyes expression.

Daniel: Do you remember your first art sale?

Rathinan: Yes, I walk along to many magazine companies in Thailand, tell them that place I want to draw illustrations and leave my portfolio for them. In the first time, I draw for the magazine company that I expected. I very appreciated for their interested in my illustrations.

It’s a first time also that I sold my illustrations in my own style. It’s a first start that my works appeared to the outsider.

Daniel: Do you remember your first painting?

Rathinan: I can not remember how I start but when I was child, I love to draw always until now but I start with digital painting seriously went I am in 1st year of faculty of fine and applied art atRangsit University. There, I practice a coloring harmony, combined and many techniques.

Daniel: Is art something you went to school for?

Rathinan: I want to know a many techniques that I do not know. Behind that, I study by my own wills and applied all of techniques to combine with my skill. So, my skills are not from zero but it’s developed from my own base skill such as my own territory, idea or my motivation.

Daniel: What has been the most rewarding of being an artist?

Rathinan: Formerly, I did not know what the artist is? What I get from to be an artist more then fame and means? But it’s clearly when I got a job on the Adidas chair painting. I was sit and stand to paint a two of chairs at Adidas shop for 3 months, someone come inside the shop for greeting with their smile. Chat up, take a photo with me or make me like I am their old friends.

Of course, you can not touch this feeling if you work alone in a cube room. You will never meet a people’s smile who is pleased with your work. Since I become an illustrator, this is a very precious experience for me.

Daniel: Nowadays when creativity has gone down the drain how do you manage to find yours?

Rathinan: Play games, Reading, see a movie or travel. After that, when I can bring it back. When I work again, I will feel fresh, get more inspires and can created many illustrates as I will.

Daniel: As an artist myself I know that sometimes I face difficulties, nor find the time to continue being artistic and creative. What keeps you motivated to making art?

Rathinan: My main inspire is “Feminine” because all of my family is a woman. So, I always have inspires to creates an illustrations except my client want something more complex, I will find more inspires.

Daniel: What’s on the horizon for ISE?

Rathinan: May be the woman’s sweetness and mysteriousness illustrations