Interview: Jessica Kirson & The Jessy K Show

As far as most of the shows in the genre go, the name “reality television” is quite a misnomer. Unless, of course, the average person is constantly vying with ten other gorgeous members of his or her gender to win the affections of a random millionaire or is often stranded on a desert island completing challenges to avoid being sent back to civilization. As ridiculous and unrealistic as those scenarios are, though, such situations are all too common in so-called reality TV shows. Just once, it would be nice to see actual reality television — not actors claiming to be candid or tight scripts intended to portray what the average Hollywood writer thinks the rest of America looks like (hint: it’s not The Hills). All of this begs the question: what would a real reality television show look like?

According to comedienne Jessica Kirson, it would look like the Jessy K show, coming soon to a television near you. Already, the show seems to have all of the ingredients for success — a daring and hilarious improvisational comic, a long list of celebrity guests, a bold concept, and the knowing influence of executive producer Zach Braff, who happens to be Kirson’s stepbrother. Given all of these elements, it’s hard to imagine that the show wouldn’t win fans over after just the first episode.

What helps the Jessy K show is that it offers a whole new style of entertainment. The show takes proven elements that have never been used in tandem and combines them into an overwhelming torrent of hilarity. The Jessy K show is part improv comedy routine, part candid camera, and part talk show. Though it may seem impossible to blend all of these elements into anything coherent, Kirson manages to pull it off. The comic is a fresh face to many but already loved by those who have seen her on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend and Fresh Faces, NBC’s Last Comic Standing, or at any of her stand-up appearances.

The Jessy K show’s improvisational, observational style plays to Kirson’s strengths, as she is quick-witted and can riff on, well, just about anything. And she gets a lot of opportunities on the show, as it is basically a talk show conducted live in public, where anything can happen at any time. In a way, the show often can seem as though it’s providing hilarious commentary for your own personal people watching. Kirson pulls no punches and never misses a beat.

Though the show hasn’t aired yet, it’s hard not to be optimistic. Kirson already has a number of YouTube videos posted and as a result, has a quite a following for herself. With a number of television appearances under her belt, it’s clear that Kirson is comfortable in front of the camera, so all that’s left is for audiences to get comfy on the couch and tune in.

Daniel: First and foremost, good to have you featured on our website once again, it’s truly an honor!

Jessica Kirson: Thank you so much. I truly appreciate it.

Daniel: I’ve been a subscriber of your YouTube channel for quite some time. Your channel is just too funny and I find myself wondering there watching videos for hours and laughing. Will the Jessy K Show be featuring similar video content?

Jessica Kirson: That is the goal. I love doing videos. It is such a blast,. It is all fun, the hidden camera stuff, the sketches. I have always wanted to make videos.

Daniel: In your own words can you describe what we can expect from The Jessy K Show?

Jessica Kirson: It is a traveling talk show. The whole deal. An audience, a band, celebrity guests. The only difference, which is a huge one, is that it is plopped in the middle of nowhere, unexpected. It can be shot in a parking lot in Illinois, or on someone’s lawn in Georgia. It includes a lot of improv.

Daniel: What does that feel like having your own TV show?

Jessica Kirson: Well we don’t have it yet, it is in the process of being made and created. I feels great to have a venue where I can be myself and do what I do best.

Daniel: How has this experience been different then doing Stand Up?

Jessica Kirson: Absolutely… I love doing stand up but this is very different. It is more spur of the moment.

Daniel: Will The Jessy K Show be featured in other cities as well?

Jessica Kirson: We plan on filming the show all over the country. Everywhere we can.

Daniel: What type of people will the show host?

Jessica Kirson: I’m confused by this question, sorry… *laughs*

Daniel: Hehe, sorry, I think the best way to put it, is — are you going to be featuring comedians, musicians, actors? what type of guests are we ought to see in The Jessy K Show?

Jessica Kirson: Yes, comics, musicians, actors, specialists.

Daniel: Are there any special guests that you already know of, or is it too early to ask?

Jessica Kirson: Too early to ask.

Daniel: What are peoples reactions when they know they’ve been “pranked” on your show?

Jessica Kirson: People usually looked really confused. Most people are very cool. There have definitely been some hostile people, which is hysterical.

Daniel: What are your hopes for The Jessy K Show?

Jessica Kirson: I hope to be able to travel all over the country with this talk show and keep doing amazing hidden camera stuff. I want to be fully myself and have people get it.