Destin Pfaff and Rachel Federoff on Success of Millionaire Matchmaker

With her business booming, Patti Stanger is at the top of her game as owner of the international and elite matchmaking service, The Millionaire’s Club, in which she helps wealthy men find the women of their dreams. And this season, the newly engaged Patti will not only once again add millionairesses and gay millionaire men to the mix… but bi-sexual women too!

With her business booming, Patti Stanger is at the top of her game as owner of the international and elite matchmaking service, The Millionaire’s Club, in which she helps wealthy men find the women of their dreams. And this season, the newly engaged Patti will not only once again add millionairesses and gay millionaire men to the mix… but bi-sexual women too!

“The Millionaire Matchmaker” follows Patti Stanger and her determined staff as they give their big-bucks clients complete transformations with the help of personal shoppers, date coaches and therapists. In each episode, two wealthy clients are set up on dates hand-picked by Stanger and her staff based upon their beauty and intelligence.

Born in Santa Barbara, California, Destin Pfaff spent the first thirteen years of his life in Fairbanks, Alaska. At age thirteen he returned back to California to attend high school and college – where he received top honors for his work in journalism and fiction writing.

Upon moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in screenwriting and film making, Destin stumbled into a position as Office Manager of the Millionaire’s Club through Craig’s List. Although he was not thrilled about running another company (something he found himself doing quite a bit), he and the Founder and President of Millionaire’s Club, Patti Stanger, instantly hit it off and under her instruction he soon discovered he had a knack for matchmaking. He has since become the most successful male matchmaker in Millionaire’s Club history. He is Stanger’s right hand man and now COO of the company. He handles advertising, sales, office management, public appearances, contract negotiations and much more for Stanger’s business and is also her full partner in numerous entertainment endeavors.

After watching how much Destin enjoyed his position and spending time with Stanger, Rachel Federoff, Destin’s fiancée could not wait to jump at the opportunity to work at Millionaire’s Club herself. Although Pfaff was hesitant about working with his girlfriend, with a little persuasion, he gave in and now Federoff acts as the official “gate keeper” for Millionaires Club – she is the Club’s Director of Registration and head of the company’s new Gay Division. She also works with Patti on the Club’s Millionairess Referral Program.

This Tuesday, April 20 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, catch a special BRAVO original, “The Millionaire Matchmaker Reunion: Live!” hosted by Andy Cohen. From worst date moments to favorite Patti-isms, Andy Cohen gets the inside scoop on which clients pushed Patti’s buttons and which she was able to whip into shape.

BRAVO and Patti Stanger have tied the knot for a fourth season of the hit docu-series “The Millionaire Matchmaker,” but this time Stanger will bring her cupid arrows to New York City. As Stanger expands her business to the Big Apple, we’ll follow her as she uses her magic to help singles find true love in New York City.

Mica: Destin and Rachel congratulations on your adorable son, how is it working together and balancing your new family?

Rachel: thank you so much! He’s amazing! It is challenging, but as a woman we are truly super heroes since we can do work, feed a baby, and do the dishes all at the same time! Destin on the other hand, cannot!

Destin: Yeah, I completely suck at multi-tasking. Sigh.

Mica: Destin Since you have a 95% success rate as a senior level matchmaker what would you say is key in finding the right person?

Destin: The key to finding the right person? If I told you that, I’d be out of business. It’s actually a multiple of keys… a whole keyring if you will. One of them is gut instinct – go with your gut. The other, STOP OVER ANALYZING – get out of your head! There’s more keys… many many more… but the biggest, the biggest is POSITIVITY. Think positive, be happy and love may find you.

Mica: You both have dealt with some difficult clients on the show how you get a point across to them without kicking them out of the club. R: That’s why we have consultations and date coaching. Tough love goes a long way.

Destin: They know what they’re getting into when they come to us – so they better be prepared.

Mica: Shauna Raisch one of your most infamous clients on the show has been the cause of constant drama, has she called for your services once more?

Destin: Awwww…. That’s confidential. I love Shauna… wonder if she’s still in a wind tunnel

Mica: Destin you believe in Mental Makeovers , what do you think about cheaters such as Tiger Woods and Jessie James going to Sex Rehab?

Destin: I’m a BIG believer in Mental Makeovers. I think people can be fixed… as long as they want to fix themselves. Having said that, some people aren’t strong enough to do the work it would take. In the cases of Tiger and Jesse, I LOVE that they’re going to Sex Rehab… are they serious about it – doubt it.

Mica: What would each of you say is a topic to avoid on a first date?

Rachel: Never bring up the ex’s! No one wants to hear about you past lovers.

Destin: Health issues. No one wants to hear about that strange discolored mole on your back.

Mica: What can women do to ensure the guy will call her back after a first date? When should she call him?

Destin: Here’s the thing, if the date went great and there was mutual attraction, and he’s a hunter male – he’ll call. If not, he won’t. Get over it, stop staring at your phone and go meet someone else. Do you really want a guy you have to convince to call you around? No. Having said that, a first date is important – bring you’re ‘A’ game… after all, you expect him to – right?

Mica: What advice could you give to a couple facing a long distance relationship?

Destin: Love knows no miles. There’s nothing wrong with Long Distance Relationships. Just be true to each other and know ahead of time which one would be relocating as the relationship develops. And do not let it drag on for years before one of you does relocate. That’s just dumb.

Mica: New York Housewife Bethany Frankel is now officially a housewife though she lost her best friend Jill Zarin when she found her true love, what advice would you give to women who have trouble balancing their man and their friends?

Rachel: This actually somewhat happened to us too. I moved from Orange County to be with Destin, and lost my friends. However, your true friends will always be there no matter what. My advice is when you have a new person in your life or even a baby, friends should understand that although you may be busy with these new changes, you still love your friends and will make the time to be with them as soon as you can.

Mica: Patti seems to be a very tough love kind of boss how have you both managed to work with her big personality for so long?

Rachel: Patti is very much as you see her on the show times 100. However, once you get to know her she becomes “Momma Patti”. Heart of gold and an amazing business woman. We all have our moment that’s for sure, but in the end we all love each other- one big dysfunctional family!

Destin: Couldn’t have said it better myself. Plus it helps that she’s my best friend and business partner. We balance each other.

Mica: Rachel you are the head of Millionaire’s Club’s Gay Division, what advice can you give to someone who is new to the same sex dating scene?

Rachel: Well it is the same advice I give hetero people. Be confident, don’t settle for anything but the best, no sex unless in a committed monogamous relationship, don’t take things too seriously-have fun when you date, and just be yourself.

Mica: Summer is approaching what tips can you give to singles looking for more than just a summer fling?

Destin: Besides bringing your best beach body forward? Have some fun and go out ALONE. Yep, that’s right… leave the girlfriends and pals at home and go out by yourself. I’ve said this a million times – those in packs do not attract. Bring a non-threatening book or magazine to the bar or beach, have a cocktail, relax…and the boys will come flocking. And you men out there, nobody finds a pack of drunk guys attractive. Period. It’ll be guilt by association.

Mica: Destin I hear you are a film producer, what projects are you involved in?

Destin: I’ve written a big budget horror film called “The Disembodied” that’s currently in pre-production, I’m producing an awesome 70’s heist thriller that I co-wrote later this year called “Sushi Girl” and I’m slated to direct my first feature – the 3-D gross-out fest Licorice Kisses. Oh, and I’m taking a stab at a writing a romantic comedy along with Miss Patti Stanger!

Mica: Rumor has it the Millionaires Club is making its way to the East Coast when can we expect this?

Destin & Rachel: Yes we are in the process of filming our 4th season of Millionaire Matchmaker in The Big Apple! As for Millionaire’s Club, we are international and have many men and women on the east coast and all over!

Mica: Both of you have become reality TV stars, can we expect a spin-off of your own?

Destin & Rachel: We would love a spin off! We are truly the success story on Millionaire Matchmaker. Who wouldn’t want to watch a show about a couple who have a Mohawk, pink bangs, tattoos, and a baby that work with high end men and women and find them love? Now that’s TV!

Destin: May I suggest… The Mohawk Matchmaker?