Brandon Flowers Of The Killers Discusses Solo Album, Band’s Future

Is front man Brandon Flowers plotting to kill the Killers? The singer recently shared details on an upcoming solo project which might cause some concern about the band’s future if it is successful.  However, Flowers dismissed any rumors that his solo disc would mean the demise of the Killers, who are in the midst of a hiatus and haven’t released a record since 2008′s Day & Age.

“I feel like I’m getting something out of my system with this album,” said Flowers. “I want the next Killers album to be a wonderful collaboration between four guys who are ready to make the best record that they possibly can.”

The unspoken implication there seems to be that the Killers aren’t quite ready to get things going in the studio again. Flowers hinted at this, saying that he has trouble turning off his creative flow, no matter what the circumstances.  Hiatus or not, Flowers said that writing music tends to come naturally to him.

“I certainly never sat around dreaming of going out on my own,” explained Flowers. “But singing songs and writing songs, it’s kind of what I do, you know? And I just don’t want to stop right now.”

According to Flowers, the debut solo album is moving along full speed ahead, and already has a title – Flamingo.  In addition, Flowers has enlisted the help of Rilo Kiley singer Jenny Lewis to share some of the songwriting and singing efforts.

“Jenny’s helped me out on a couple of songs, and we also got to duet on a song called ‘Hard Enough,’ which turned out great,” said Flowers.

Lewis can undoubtedly provide some assistance to Flowers as far as creating a record outside of the band environment, as the versatile singer has produced two solo discs of her own in addition to working with Rilo Kiley.  But that’s not the only reason Flowers reached out to Lewis.

“She’s always popped into my mind whenever I think about getting a female vocalist involved because she’s a fellow child of Las Vegas, too,” he said. “A lot of people don’t realize…she was actually born there, in the same hospital as [Killers drummer] Ronnie Vannucci Jr.”

Also supporting Flowers on the disc will be a triple-threat production team: Brendan O’Brien, who has worked with Bob Dylan, Incubus, Pearl Jam, Neil Young and others; Daniel Lanois (Willie Nelson, Neil Young, U2) and Stuart Price (The Killers, Madonna, New Order).

With the creativity and enthusiasm of Flowers and his all-star supporting cast, Flamingo looks quite promising.  And there’s no doubt that Flowers is holding anything back or saving his best material for a full-band scenario.  In fact, Flowers admitted that the songs on Flamingo could have easily been for the Killers.

“To be honest, I personally would prefer it if this was a Killers record,” said Flowers.  However, he did note that the album would be “something that will only make the Killers stronger.”