How Bout A Foreign Film America?

OK  I’ll admit it. I loveforeign films. But with all the sh*t Hollywood’s been producing can you really blame me?  I’m an American to the core and love Citizen Kane just as much as the next movie buff. But am I the only one fed up with Hollywood cinema lately?  I mean take a look at the last 5 Oscar winners for best picture- Million Dollar BabyCrash, The Departed, No Country For Old Men, and last but not least (which I’ll leave up to you to decide) Slumdog Millionaire. It’s safe to say they do not compare to some older classics like Forrest Gump and Pulp Fiction.  There is a reason I am only naming Oscar winners, because if you’ve read this far you are surely dying to hear what recommendations I have. For starters look to Korean and Mexican films (OLDBOY and Amores Perros) for some real gritty and believable stories.  If you hate subtitles I can blog about silent films another time.  In the meantime I’ll just be here by my computer thinking about the way they “used to make ‘em”. Wow,  I just realized my grandfather could’ve written this exact same article.  Even still, so many questions remain. Have American standards lowered or is the new generation of filmmakers running out of original ideas? Every year we get sequel after sequel, and remake after remake. I guess I can’t wait for Indiana Jones 37 where Indy (still possibly played by Harrison Ford) will be running from the baddiestowards that big boulder!