A Minute with Ebbot Lundberg of “The Soundtrack of Our Lives.”

“The Soundtrack of our Lives” is a Swedish rock band that was formed 1995 from the ashes of cult band Union Carbide Productions and consists of Ebbot Lundberg, Mattias Bärjed, Ian Person, Kalle Gustafsson Jerneholm, Fredrik Sandsten and Martin Hederos

The Soundtrack of our Lives” is a Swedish rock band that was formed 1995 from the ashes of cult band Union Carbide Productions and consists of Ebbot Lundberg, Mattias Bärjed, Ian Person, Kalle Gustafsson Jerneholm, Fredrik Sandsten and Martin Hederos.

TSOOL has – besides from being hailed by critics all over the world for their epic albums and live shows – received numerous awards during their long career, including Swedish Grammys in the categories of “Best newcomer” as well as “Artist of the year” and last year for “Band of the year”.

They have released a total of six studio albums (2 of them double albums!) and had their major international breakthrough so far, with the album “Behind the Music” for which they received an American Grammy nomination for best alternative rock album in 2002 along with Coldplay and Radiohead.

TSOOL is a highly successful band in the US and have done a number of TV shows such as “Late Show with David Letterman and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” twice, Carson Daily, Conan O’Brian and Jools Holland. They have opened for U2 and Rolling Stones and toured with Robert Plant, Oasis, Kula Shaker and many others. Their music has also been featured in films and video games such as ‘In Good Company’, ‘Wrestlemania’ and in this year’s version of ‘MLB 10′ baseball game.

Just back from a hectic US Tour which included sold out shows in San Diego and San Francisco, an amazing show at The El Rey in Los Angeles with guest performance from MC5’s Wayne Kramer, TV Shows in New York, LA and Chicago and appearances at Classic Rock Q104.3 and Sirius Radio in New York, the band is psyched to announce the release of their new digital EP ‘The Immaculate Convergence’.

This new EP from Tsool is the extension of their latest double CD “Communion” and the bridge to their forthcoming album Origin (vol II).

It starts off with a new single version of “The Passover” – an epic classic that ended the “Communion” album (and many of the live shows on last year’s tour). Followed by 3 brand new tracks: “Take Me Back”, “Snuff Parade” and “From This Moment”. All three beautiful laidback tunes for the spring break…

And from this moment on Tsool will spew out new tracks digitally during 2010-2011 and continue to deliver their magic live shows until the physical release of Origin Vol II…

Daniel: First of all let me say that it’s an honor to have this chance of talking to you.

Ebbot: Thank you

Daniel: What bands or artists have been of the biggest influence to you?

Ebbot: Hoagy Carmichael, Nicolai Tesla, Tom Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and Chameleon Church.

Daniel: Nowadays when creativity is less and less of common feature how do you manage to draw upon for your musical inspiration?

Ebbot: Things I´d like to hear myself.

Daniel: What keeps you motivated to make music?

Ebbot: Things I´d like to hear and play myself

Daniel: What part of the music life and your music career do you like the most?

Ebbot: When things suddenly go wrong so you have a reason to fix it.

Daniel: Having traveled so much and meeting such great people – what has been your most memorable experience as an artist so far?

Ebbot: Meeting myself in the audience at the Meredith Festival in Australia 3 years ago. It’s on YouTube.

Daniel: What convinced you guys to release EPs before you release a full length album?

Ebbot: Restlessness and an awful lot of ideas

Daniel: What inspired you to do this, how successful has it been and out of the songs that are on these EP’s how many of them are going to appear on the full length Origin Vol II?

Ebbot: We don´t know yet. But some of them might pass the test.

Daniel: What’s the strategy behind this?

Ebbot: The will to have an ambition as artists and to keep ourselves from being restless and bored….And to make our fans happy of course!

Daniel: How has the music industry changed since you started and how has your perspective about it changed?

Ebbot: It’s sad that there are not many record stores left. But we don´t want to focus on the industry. We just want to play and make great music. What goes around comes around anyway.

Daniel: How does Communion differ from TSOOL’s previous albums?

Ebbot: It´s more homogenic and maybe a little bit more towards positiveness and redemption.

Daniel: In your own words, can you describe to our readers what Communion is all about?

Ebbot: For me it´s a musical odyssey in transformation from being brainwashed to a higher level of existence.

Daniel: What have been your inspiration for the new EP?

Ebbot: The previous albums and the winter-spring period of 2010.

Daniel: Any upcoming tours on the way?

Ebbot: I hope so…but we don’t know yet.

Daniel: What’s on the horizon for TSOOL?

Ebbot: A magic new song to enjoy every month until the release of Origin 2…