Spotlight: Sebastian Jansson

Sebastian Jansson is a young finnish designer, currently based in milan where he is completing a training period at the politecnico di milano university.

Sebastian Jansson is a young finnish designer, currently based in milan where he is completing a training period at the politecnico di milano university. His continued studies have led to making his project experiences and research expand across europe, and next year will be conducting his studies in paris at les ateliers ensci university.

As a leading student at the university of art and design Helsinki, sebastian’s profile encompasses a previously complated military service with the finnish army. this experience has helped him refine a number of skills such as precision and a strong sense of discipline.

Its difficult to define the method of working for this designer, as he interprets his creations individually, breaking the rules, and presenting a sense of freedom- steering away from the rigidity and discipline typical of northern european design culture.

As Janssons range continues to rapidly expand, he understands the principles of executing goals he sets for the future. His visionary outlook enables him to manage his tasks with a high level of efficiency, as his strategic approach allows him to break down the greatest of outcomes into manageable tasks. management is a key factor, which binds this formula and a playground where Jansson flourishes. His goals are broken down from years, to months, weeks and days, and in effect, allows him to tackle some of the most difficult challenges he set himself.

Despite his experience in the industry, Jansson carries out his work with personality and the right mix of different profiles, such as business-management, designing and his natural creative tendencies. this dimension is expressed particularly in his ability to utilise the computer, and assists him in communicating his imaginative approach. His aim is to go beyond the geometric form, in an argument that draws inspiration from nature and experience directly with materials.

Sebastian Jansson was selected for the 2009 edition of the salone satellite; a showcase dedicated to young international talents selected by a panel of experts. this year, he is exhibiting three objects: a chair, a lamp and something special for the kitchen.

One of Jansson’s more recent works, his geometric chair, has sourced inspiration from the structure of a coffee leaf. His in-depth study of the leaf has allowed him to extract structural geometric shapes, such as the triangle, pentagon and hexagon. originally, this chair was designed to decorate the interior of a coffee bar – hence the coffee leaf – and further developed in milan, gaining critical feedback form reputable personalities as lindfors and giovannoni.

A strong sense of character and personality emphasize the interesting aesthetic of Janssons modular lamp, as this time he has combined the use of geometric shapes with organic building principles. the glo-flex material, reflective and semitransparent, is supported by a structure of velcro, which bind the hexagonal and pentagonal tiles together, releasing a warm light with a contemporary twist. the composition of these forms were influenced by the simplicity of a soccer ball, as it also reflects the playful yet refined nature of Janssons style. He is also experimenting with alternate joining methods and is currently testing a brand new material by velcro ® – ultramar ® prototype, an 80% ready product.

Jansson’s range is further complimented by his steel cutlery set. their deceptive nature and simplicity suggest a sense of mystery, as there is little reference to their specific task. there are many scenarios in which this object can be used, and their versatility makes them a design feature in themselves. minimalism has been the driving force behind this creation and apparently, is as simple as a folded sheet of steel.