Travie Mccoy (gym Class Heroes) Covers Honey Mag

The 6 ft 5, overly-tatted lead vocalist of Gym Class Heroes, Travie McCoy, is on the front of Honey Mag. He had a photo shoot which was inspired by “30′s fashion, meets city guy”. Looking at these photos I was reminded of how good looking and goofy the  rapper was. *Averts gaze from Gym Class Heroes band poster on wall*

This has been some of the latest promo for his recent project called “Lazarus”, his up and coming album where he talks about, going solo from the band and  his public break up with singer, Katy Perry.

In the interview with Honey Mag, the rapper went on to say “Before the album comes out I have a mix tape dropping called Forgetting Katy Perry. That doesn’t mean I’m airing out my dirty laundry. It’s just stuff that didn’t fit on this album.“- Making a mixtape called “forgetting Katy Perry”? Sounds like some scary business, especially since she’s getting married to that “Sexaholic” Russell Brand soon.

Travie explains “The record is a lot more melodic than what I’ve done in the past. I am singing a lot more. I’ve grown more comfortable with my singing voice. Overall, it’s a feel good record — a lot of up-temp joints. There’s a lot of summertime-ish dance stuff. But also there is some heavy rock stuff too, like R&B meets rock. There is always an element of rock.

As a huge GCH fan I am pretty excited about his new stuff, as would any other fan who has listened to “The Papercut Chronicles” and fallen in love since. It seemed as if Travie had been on some type of hiatus only to be working hard on this. The album hits stores June 8th. Will you be purchasing Lazarus? You can download it here.