Angelina Jolie Confirmed As Cleopatra

by Alaina O'Connor

There was speculation on the internet this week that Angelina Jolie might be up for the role as the iconic beauty, Cleopatra, in an upcoming historical biopic  and now that news has been confirmed.

The film will be based on the soon-to-be published book, “Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra: a Life” by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Stacy Schiff who says, “I think she’d be perfect for it, I can see an Oscar in her future.” While publisher Michael Pietsch echos, “Angelia Jolie radiates grace and power, exactly the qualities that Stacy Schiff finds in her biography of the most intriguing ruler who every lived.”

Jolie will be joining the ranks of such actors as Elizabeth Taylor who starred in the 1963 film CLEOPATRA opposite Richard Burton, who played Roman soldier Marc Antony.

This summer, fans can catch Angelina in the action film, Salt, which hits theaters July 23rd. You can find previous Angelina Jolie DVDs here.