Taylor Lautner – So Muscular It’s “Embarrassing”

by Daniel Haim

Wow, the life of Taylor Lautner sounds incredibly difficult and painful. Instead of being thankful that Twilight’s team of personal trainers turned him from a skeleton into a respectably built individual, the star is now whining about being too jacked. How modest.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon actor – who underwent months of physical training to bulk up for his role as werewolf Jacob Black in the franchise – gets overwhelmed by the attention his physique receives from fans.

“It has become embarrassing. It doesn’t annoy me but people do tend to ask about it a lot,” he said. “To me it’s just part of the character. It’s not like I can take it off!”

It has previously been claimed that the 17-year-old star would like to become a personal trainer if his acting roles dry up.

“His self-esteem shot through the roof when he bulked up for ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ and he wants other people to experience that feeling,” said a source.

One person who would love to train with the actor is Justin Bieber, who is said to be working with a fitness expert to get a physique like the star. Judging by RECENT EVENTS, it seems that Bieber is probably just training so he can open a door without issues.

A source said: “Justin’s positive he has the intensity and focus to get the same results as Taylor.”

Taylor – who put on over 30lbs for his part in the film franchise – has previously said his motivation for the muscle gain was the “movie and the fans”.

If you’re interested in seeing the embarrassingly amazing physique of Taylor’s, pick up a copy of Twilight: New Moon, on sale HERE.