Fan of a Fan – Chris Brown and Tyga

Last month Chris Brown released an interesting mixtape called Fan of a Fan, a collaboration with Tyga.

I have to admit I have a shaky perception of Chris Brown. In fact, many of Chris Brown’s original songs seemed to lack any sort of “it” factor, despite his huge following. Eventually, he decided to grow up a little bit and put out some interesting singles such as “Forever”. Then he hit Rihanna which just pissed everyone off. Lucky for him he released these banging songs just as I was going to fix him into the mold of god-awful artist.

I won’t vouch for the whole mixtape but there are at least five must-have songs from it: “Make Love”,” Holla @ Me”, “48 Bar Rap”, “I’m What They Want”, and “Ain’t Thinking About You”. These five tracks are a perfect mix between fierce and sweet; sometimes the mix happens inside the same song which is the brilliance of these two artists teaming up. Brown will usually lead in slow, sexy, setting up Tyga for some shock value with his “Get at me” attitude.

“Make Love” is probably my favorite; it kicks off with a piano that makes you feel like you’re in back in your play pen. That spell is broken when Brown comes on swiftly laying down swagger. This song is probably the best example of the great collaboration I mentioned earlier. Another favorite of mine is “I’m What They Want”. This song has a completely different vibe and is awesomely overconfident and raunchy. Here is “Make Love” so you can hear what I am talking about:

According to an interview Tyga gave for MTV, Fan of a Fan was recorded in no more than a week. I find this pretty impressive but it certainly goes to show that when artists put aside external pressures to make something for their fans, it works. In the same interview, Tyga explains:

Fan of a Fan is basically our dedication…to the fans…these are the people that look for us on YouTube and fight for us all day, so why not give something back to them for free…”

I say that whatever the reason, good job fellers. Here you can find the link to download the mixtape. Other Chris Brown downloads can be found here. Enjoy.