Fat Joe Talks About The Darkside: Vol. 1

Fat Joe is set to release The Darkside: Vol. 1 tomorrow and he wants to make sure everyone knows this is the best Fat Joe album to date. According to Fat Joe, this album has no room for killer and will more than make up for the commercial disappointment of Jealous Ones Still Envy 2.

“[Fans] listen to my albums. They be like, ‘Yo, these two songs was dope,'” said Fat Joe. “And then you be like, “‘Yo, I wish he had like 12 of these’…The album is twelve of these.”

Obviously, putting together a collection of all high quality tracks and no letdowns is difficult, but with other rappers stepping up their games – Eminem and Drake, for example – Fat Joe is determined to make sure fans love every track. And he seems pretty confident they well.

“When you hear you gon’ be like, ‘Damn,’” said Fat Joe.

You can pre-order The Darkside: Vol. 1 here and download Fat Joe albums here.