Fulvio Maiani Eats, Sleeps & Breathes Photography.

In the words of fashion photographer Fulvio Maiani, his goal in capturing stunning scenes is to reach as many people as he can with his images. And given the quality, it shouldn’t be too lofty a goal.

Fulvio Maiani

In the words of fashion photographer Fulvio Maiani, his goal in capturing stunning scenes is to reach as many people as he can with his images.  And given the quality, it shouldn’t be too lofty a goal.  Fulvio has worked with an impressive list of clients, from Nike and Honda to L’Oreal and Roberto Cavalli. The photographer eats, sleeps and breathes his work and hopes to impart some of what he sees to viewers. To Fulvio, a photo shoot is inspired by “the need to express myself,” he says. The images are more than just colors infused with images, but are organic in and of themselves, and the need to share them is “compulsory like breath,” says Fulvio.

The skilled photographer is a graduate of the esteemed European Institute of Design Milano, and graduated with a degree in photography from Urbino Art School. But his education only imparted Fulvio with the technical knowledge he needed to create; everything else comes from within.  No matter what the subject, Fulvio attacks it with passion, and can cultivate interest in even the most casual viewer – his images need to be experienced.

Read on to find out what makes Fulvio tick and from where he draws his inspirations.

Daniel: Tell us about yourself, where did all of this begin for you?

Fulvio: The day I was born….

Daniel: What is it that you aspire to achieve from a photo shoot?

Fulvio: It’s not an aspiration, I would say… something I have to sort out, the  need to express my deepest self , it’s compulsory  like breath…

Daniel: Describe to us your first real shoot that you can remember; where you were, what you were doing and who you were doing it with.

Fulvio: I remember when I was a kid, shooting my toys and create my own fantasy world (they’re making money today with these kind of movies, “toy story”) professionally speaking my first assignment was a magazine Cover, it was back stage on “The Cure” gig, I was getting along with the band, and I got this pic of Robert Smith trying to lick ice-cream, I’ll always remember that pic.

Daniel: What has been your most rewarding achievement as an artist?

Fulvio: Being in this interview…

Daniel: When you first started, what was your biggest dream? And have you accomplished that?

Fulvio: Rich and famous… but today I don’t care… today my aim is to reach the most of the people with my images

Daniel: Who’s your favorite photographer?

Fulvio: Me (of course)

Daniel: Who do you draw your inspirations from?

Fulvio: Life, facts, books, films, music, arts, nature, sun, it all live inside me (what a mess..)

Daniel: What has been your favorite shoot so far?

Fulvio: The next one

Daniel: Has photography always been a part of your life? Is it something you’ve always planned to do as a career?

Fulvio: Since I was a kid, I can’t really say, I didn’t planned all this, I find it easy to express myself with a camera in my hands….it was more of a natural course of the events, but looking back I wouldn’t see any other way…

Daniel: When did you know you finally made it as a professional photographer?

Fulvio: When I got paid, but then….there’s so many things to do, so many goals to achieve,  meanwhile I enjoy the privilege that my profession has..

Daniel: You’re signed with a photo agency. What are your expectations, and what do you hope to achieve from a photography agency??

Fulvio: Great expectation though, fashion media interest

Daniel: What is your opinion about photographers with agent/agency, do you think all photographers should have one?

Fulvio: I can’t speak for the others photographers,  I think it’s relative upon the photographer’s self opinion.

Daniel: What are the major factors/most important things about having an agency?

Fulvio: The agent’s taking care of all the aspects concerning the organization and the spreading of the works also public relation of an artist, leaving him the task to be free to create….

Daniel: What’s on the horizon for you?

Fulvio: Whatever makes me feel happy.