Lady Gaga – The Remix iTunes Pre-Order

by Brian Willett

More than 10 million fans can’t be wrong – Lady Gaga is something else.  And though it may be a while before she drops her next full-length studio album, you can pick up Lady Gaga’s new remix album, The Remix, on August 3.  But if you can’t wait that long to secure your copy, don’t sweat it – you can pre-order it on iTunes now – get it here!

If you’re not a fan of iTunes, you can pre-order a physical copy on here and find other Lady Gaga downloads here.

Lady Gaga – The Remix Tracklist

1. Just Dance
2. Poker Face
3. LoveGame
4. Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
5. Paparazzi
6. The Fame
7. Bad Romance
8. Telephone
9. Alejandro
10. Dance In The Dark