Lindsay Lohan Receiving Food From Fans In Prison

Looks like jail isn’t so bad – Lindsay Lohan may leave jail after serving less than two weeks of her prison sentence, and she’s getting food sent from fans.

The Mean Girls actress entered prison on Tuesday to begin a 90-day sentence for failing to keep up the terms of her probation for a 2007 driving under the influence case, but her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley believes she may end up leaving the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California, before the end of the month.

“It’s our expectation that Ms. Lohan will get additional time credit from her earlier times in custody and that would reduce her jail time,” said Holley.

Lindsay was originally expected to stay in prison until August 1 or 2 due to overcrowding.

Meanwhile, it has been claimed that Lindsay is being helped by fans on the outside during her incarceration, with eight people ordering special gift packs for her from the Keefe Commissary Network Gift Pack Program.

Among the food given in the packs is tuna, cookies, pickles, peanuts, smoked oysters and powdered lemonade.  All those high-end goodies Lindsay is used to.

The food parcels may come at the right time for the troubled star as her arrival at Lynwood on Tuesday meant she was a day late to place her orders for food and drink for the following week, meaning she has been left to drink “water from that nasty sink in her cell”.

One jailer is even reported to have told the 24-year-old actress – who has made repeated requests for water – to: “Just drink the milk from the day before.”

The facility is also reportedly receiving up to 100 telephone calls an hour from concerned supporters of Lohan, who clearly don’t have much else to do.