Ne-Yo Discusses Songs For Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was undoubtedly a legend – so much so that he impressed not only a world of fans but inspired artists as well.  One of those artists was Ne-Yo, who recently explained that he had been writing songs for Michael Jackson in the weeks leading up to the King of Pop’s death.

According to Ne-Yo, he was sending Michael Jackson three or four drafts each week before MJ’s untimely passing.  And while Ne-Yo is proud of the work, he’s not sure if it’s appropriate to bring the songs to life without Jackson.

“I can’t sell them on to someone else as that would be disrespectful,” said Ne-Yo. “But I also think it might be disrespectful to bring them out myself.”

Ne-Yo noted that he wrote the songs specifically for Michael, so he’s not sure whether they should ever see the light of day without MJ singing them.

“The songs are sitting in archives but I really don’t know what to do with them,” Ne-Yo explained. “I don’t know, I’ll sit on them and wait. It’s definitely quality music but they were songs written absolutely for Michael Jackson.”

Ne-Yo is busy getting ready to release his latest studio effort, Libra Scale, on October 5. You can pre-order it here and download earlier Ne-Yo albums here. Michael Jackson downloads are here.