The-Dream and Radio Killah Talk Love King Tracks

The-Dream has been making a lot of headlines lately, but not all because of music – his recently announced split with Christina Milian is a hot topic.  Recently, though, The-Dream tried to put the focus back on his music by discussing the recently released Love King.  According to The-Dream, this is definitely a love-making record.

“‘Sex Intelligent’ is just about is just about knowing what you’re doing when you in the bedroom,” he explained. “Not only in the bedroom mentally, you know, knowing what somebody likes.”

The-Dream said that it wasn’t just intended to be raunchy, though, as it also had quality music.

“People hear it, and that’s another one of those harmony driven, ‘90’s type of records, but of course updated to fit my fans specifically,” The-Dream explained.

Radio Killah wasn’t so sensitive.

“This is just one of those records. It’s smash time, hit the lights, make sure the bed is ready to be imploded,” he said. “Yeah, get the reinforcement steel and put that under the bed.”

You can download Love King right here and get ready to be imploded.