Tom Jones Bares Soul on Praise & Blame

by Brian Willett

Tom Jones says he’s “baring his soul” on his new album.

The legendary singer’s latest disc, Praise & Blame, was originally conceived as a collection of Christmas hymns and while not all tracks are particularly festive, Tom is pleased with the results because making gospel music is something he has always wanted to do.

“When I started recording, I thought I’d be able to do all kinds of records: jazz, country, dance – and I’ve always wanted to do a gospel album,” he said.

“If I’m singing a song like “If I Give My Soul”, I put myself into that predicament, because it’s about starting in showbusiness, playing the devil’s music and forgetting your family,” Tom said. “I didn’t lose the love of my wife and son but I can understand how that might have happened. I’m baring my soul more; Praise & Blame wouldn’t have sounded the same 30 years ago.”

Tom’s career has spanned over 30 years and he says he still follows the advice of the late Frank Sinatra.

He said: “Not to be a name-dropper but Frank Sinatra once told me, ‘Tom, you don’t have to hit everything, you’re gonna hurt yourself’.”

You can download Tom Jones albums here.  Praise & Blame will be released July 27 – you can pre-order it here.